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What It Means and What It Takes

by Kamil S


Insights Into How We Choose and Work with the Projects We Embrace

It’s about time we let you in on the process of how we create and sustain our partnerships. Whether we’re talking about new coin listings, community associations or new technology, every time we make new friends we move forward with a couple of things in mind.


Before listings and partnerships go live, we spend a healthy amount of time envisioning the journey deep into the future, making sure our users and the whole community can easily understand, interact and benefit from the project. We first reach out to the token projects (KADENA, FLUX, WhaleRoom, etc.) and go through a long research process where we comprehend the technology and the financial implications of each program. We also get to know the people behind each project because we believe it takes personal relationships and strong bonds to build a long-lasting company and community. Together we map out the journey and build the launch plan and long-term vision as well.


Listings and partnerships begin with a strong communication effort on our side, offering equal access to information and novelties. We want to make sure the good news is reaching out to everybody so there is awareness of the changes and equal chances in choosing. Dedicated educational support is always there to let the community know why we are partnering with a specific token and how they can integrate our new products into their lives for ultimate benefit.

It’s enough to join our Discord and Telegram channels and a lot of your crypto questions and curiosities will be answered already. On-going feedback and dialogue is also giving us a good sense of how people feel about the new tokens and projects. With that echoing back to us, we can better understand what people want and together we become changemakers. As people want to learn more about the innovative systems we are introducing, we are available 24/7 for help and support.


After the hype has cooled down, we maintain the support. Listings that we have been hosting for several years still get our ongoing attention and support on our blog, Discord and Telegram channels and socials. We put our partner’s services in front of a wider audience by having an assets drill-down page and dedicated partners page on our website. Moreover, very soon we are planning to offer curated news feeds for each project in the platform.

Every Friday we’re splitting the atom on our live AMA sessions where Kevin Murcko (Founder & CEO) tackles all the questions anyone would have, in a transparent and fun interaction that is making everybody laugh and learn in about the same amount.

As associates, we’re sticking together, so all news, changes and recent achievements of our long-time partners are being circulated with much enthusiasm, letting people know of the progress we’re making. Something is always up in our world and it can bring something positive to your life and hopefully make a meaningful change.

A Crypto Ecosystem that Leaves No One Behind

At Coinmetro, our mission goes way beyond just our company and when we’re building, we’re doing it with the big picture in mind. But who fits within the frame? Having “Advancing Access For All” as our ethos, we strive to leave no one behind in our common quest to better our collective economic journey. New challenges are new opportunities for which we seek creative solutions. We know good things happen when we focus on achieving results together.

You can understand how we’re not just a crypto exchange. We go above and beyond just listing assets. We’re also collaborating to build innovative tech for improving the financial landscape and how people are investing and earning money. Because we understand how important it is for everybody to join in and benefit, there’s an ongoing effort from our side to improve adoption world-wide. The real value of crypto is when all people take advantage of this new financial journey. We are closely working with authorities all over the world to regulate the crypto system and allow equal access for everybody, everywhere.

Of course, our most important partners will always be you. All our efforts will circle back to our users and the community, making sure we have an inclusive collective where people have control over their money and choose something that represents them entirely.

A Word from Our Partner

“Coinmetro’s team really understands the big picture when it comes to the future of blockchain / Web3, the needs of projects / builders, and the realities of building a tightly knit global community. Their dedication to supporting early standout projects via token integrations, attention to detail in the realm of adhering to compliance / regulation, and their vision for spreading wider crypto adoption the sustainable way are big reasons why we’re proud to be partners with Coinmetro.” – Chris Defour, Co-Founder & CEO, WhaleRoom.

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