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Product Update, February 2024

by Coinmetro Editorial Team


As we venture into 2024, the start of the year has seen us pushing boundaries and implementing new features to elevate your crypto journey. Our dedication to advancing our platform, while maintaining a secure trading environment, remains a top priority. Here’s an overview of our recent advancements and what we have planned for the near future:

Past month highlights

🔗 CCXT Integration: We've successfully integrated with CCXT, offering you a unified way to interact with numerous cryptocurrency exchange APIs and payment services globally. This integration streamlines your trading experience, making it more efficient and versatile.

📱 App Updates: Our mobile app has received general updates and fixes, significantly enhancing performance and usability. These improvements are part of our ongoing efforts to offer you a seamless mobile trading experience. Here's what's new:

  • Easier Access to Transactions: We've added a direct link to the 'Transactions' section in the side navigation menu, making it quicker for you to track your activity.
  • Revamped Bottom Navigation Bar: We've adjusted the bottom navigation for better accessibility and convenience. You'll now find the 'Assets' page conveniently located on the right side.
  • Improved Notifications: When copying addresses on crypto deposit pages, you'll now receive enhanced notifications confirming the successful copying of the address.

🆕 New Listings: We've expanded our offerings with the inclusion of ALPH, as well as USDC, and USDT on the Polygon network. This addition broadens your trading possibilities and provides more diverse asset options.

🛡️ Safety First: We've integrated a cutting-edge tool for fraud prevention based on device authentication. This new security measure enhances the protection of your assets and personal information.

Upcoming developments

💵 USD On/Off Ramp: We're in the final stages of integrating a new USD on/off ramp. Expected to be operational between February and March, this feature will restore ACH and WIRE payment options for USD transactions.

🌊 New Liquidity Provider: In addition to LMAX and Wintermute, we are in the process of onboarding a new liquidity provider. This integration will ensure deeper liquidity and a more competitive trading environment for our users.

🔄 Tiers Update: Our team is diligently working on updates to the Tiers system, aiming to deliver an MVP to all users within Q1, bringing enhanced functionalities and rewards.

🤝 New Referral Program: Get ready for our revamped referral program! We're adding the final touches to provide you with an unparalleled loyalty experience. Launching soon!

📱 Mobile App Updates: Focus on improving existing pages, such as the Transactions, Market Prices, and Assets pages, alongside bug fixes and architectural updates.

🌐 Content Localization: Coinmetro's marketing website will soon be available in multiple languages, increasing accessibility for a global audience. The first new language rollout is anticipated in February/March.

📈 More Market Makers: We're introducing additional market makers on Coinmetro this February, ensuring even more liquidity and better trading conditions.

Don't miss out!

🏆 The Alephium Winter Raffle is still active! Trade €100 or more in ALPH on Coinmetro Exchange by February 9 for a chance to win up to 1000 ALPH. A total of 4000 ALPH will be distributed to 20 lucky winners. It’s Winter Gem Season at Coinmetro!

As always, thank you for choosing Coinmetro. Here's to a dynamic February and an even more remarkable year ahead!

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