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Oliver Goble Joins the Board of Directors

by Kamil S


Oliver Goble, Head of Product, Joins the Board of Directors

As we are advancing on all fronts, today we are excited to announce Oliver Goble’s appointment to Coinmetro’s Board of Directors. Spearheading Product development over the past 4 years, Oliver brings a much-needed product-oriented vision to the group. 

Passion for Product

Oliver discovered his passion for product 10 years ago, driven by understanding products inside out and striving for perfecting them. He entered crypto in 2015 trading Bitcoin on early exchanges, immediately realizing the issues with accessibility at the time.

In 2017, he crossed paths online with Kevin Murcko and quickly joined the Coinmetro community, also contributing to our company’s ICO. Over the next couple of years, Oliver became a very active member of the community, firmly believing in the project and spreading knowledge of Coinmetro.

In 2019, we shook hands for good and Oliver joined the company as a Product Manager, being promoted to Head of Product earlier this year. Looking back, the collaboration delivered much innovation in product strategy and execution, allowing us to offer you – our Coinmetro user – competitive crypto products and services.

“Coinmetro – One of the Key Market Players in 3-5 Years”

Oliver’s vision is to get people to the point where crypto becomes an inherent part of their lives, providing a simple and enjoyable experience. All our products and solutions are designed with this ethos in mind, aiming to “position Coinmetro as one of the key market players in 3-5 years.” 

For this, Oliver believes Coinmetro’s competitive edge comes from our simple, yet efficient and intuitive tools. In a landscape filled with companies pushing stiff, laborious financial products, people need a more user-friendly approach, designed around their needs and feedback. 

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity and excited to now play an even bigger role in making life-changing financial products more accessible to everyone. Thanks to every member of our ambitious Product team, as well as our responsive and supportive community. With every day, we are getting closer to our goal of the interaction with crypto becoming a natural, intuitive experience. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring us.”

Oliver Goble, Coinmetro Head of Product

Congratulations to Oliver for his addition to the Board, and to everybody working at Coinmetro, carrying the flag towards global crypto adoption. Do you have any questions for our Oliver? You know it – you can reach him directly in our Discord and Telegram channels by simply tagging him. He’s always around, ready to help or contribute with something of value.

Are you a Coinmetro user? Sign-up now if you’re not, to have a hands-on experience of what Oliver and the entire team have been working on for the past months. We have a new exchange and we want to hear what you think about it on our Discord and Telegram channels.


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