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New Swap Feature: Buy Your Portfolio

by Kamil S


One Trade Extending All Your Holdings

Kudos to the entire Coinmetro community for riding the wave all summer long! It’s hard to grasp, but the 15 Weeks of Summer campaign is now in its last iteration. We kept something really special for the last week, just so that it nicely complements all previous efforts and gives you more options for your portfolio.

After successfully introducing a new exchange platform last week, Coinmetro is now launching a new Swap feature, becoming the first major crypto exchange to allow investors to buy more of their own portfolios in one simple trade. Simple as that! Are you holding a diverse portfolio and want to buy more of everything you have? Now you can! With the new Buy Your Portfolio Swap feature you can acquire more of all your assets in one single trade, without the hassle of having to perform multiple individual transactions. Move with the markets when the timing is right. Find out how below.

Better Crypto Products

For years, crypto platforms have offered Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) to traders as an effective way of purchasing over a longer period of time, while evening out the highs and lows. However, this has mostly been limited to recurring purchases on the same asset. If a customer wanted to invest a fixed monthly amount into a portfolio (e.g 40% into Bitcoin, 40% into Ethereum, and the rest spread between 20 different altcoins), they would have to purchase every single asset separately and calculate how much to invest into each one. This would require up to 22 separate trades to be done every single time when you want to buy more. 

Coinmetro’s new solution, developed in consultation with our valued community, is making the process easy and fast. You can now increase your portfolio size without affecting the asset mix and do so in one single trade, in a couple of simple steps. You can simply log into your account and choose to swap into “My Portfolio” instead of investing in each cryptocurrency individually.

Oliver Goble, Head of Product at Coinmetro: 

“For many people, the world of cryptocurrencies can seem like an exclusive club or fortress of complexity, and while neither of these things are strictly true, it’s easy to see why some people feel this way. At Coinmetro, we see this as a problem of design, a problem that can be solved, and are always looking for ways to increase access to crypto with better products that offer more simplicity and efficiency.

This latest version of our popular Swap widget has an exclusive feature that we think investors are going to love. Our community is always telling us that they are looking for shortcuts to do complex things quickly, and this is one of those things that traditionally was taking a lot of unnecessary time. Now, when payday comes around, investors can increase the size of their portfolio evenly without needing to complete a transaction for every single one of its component parts.”

Seamless Trading on the Coinmetro Exchange

Our new Swap widget enables users to buy and sell any of the 50 cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks, at a fixed rate and with no trading fee! The tool is beautifully designed so that it serves beginners and pros alike, allowing everybody to act faster and with confidence when the situation calls for it.

The new feature is a great addition complementing the fresh Coinmetro exchange launched last week. After being in Beta for more than six months, the new trading platform became the default, integrating months of testing and community feedback.

How will you be taking advantage of the new Swap feature Buy Your Portfolio? Having said that, we’re taking the opportunity to remind you of the fruitful 15 Weeks of Summer campaign that gloriously comes to an end this week. Have a look at Week 8 and Week 12 to get familiar with a diverse palette of prime crypto assets that can nicely round out your Q3 portfolio.

Stay in the loop with Coinmetro! You can start experiencing our new platform and Swap feature today by accessing our exchange or signing up for an account if you haven’t already. Or you can just hang around, meet people and learn something new every day. What will we be learning from you during this bear market? Join the chat and let us know, on our Discord and Telegram channels.


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