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Kadena + CoinMetro Collaboration

by Kamil S


We’re working with the great team over at Kadena to bring some new features to the platform. It’s a Kadena-CoinMetro collab! Awesome alliteration aside, this is set to be a beautiful partnership. CoinMetro is the best place to trade KDA, and we plan to make it even better!

If you’re unfamiliar with Kadena, check out this article with everything you need to know. 

Best Kadena Fiat Gateway

The response from the Kadena community has been so great since we listed KDA. Therefore, we made it our goal to become the best fiat gateway for Kadena. CoinMetro provided the world’s first fiat pairings with KDA/USD and KDA/EUR now trading.

CoinMetro was already the king of fiat on/off ramps for a variety of cryptocurrencies, and we just got even stronger. With USD options like ACH and WIRE transfers in addition to instant Euro SEPA transfers, we’re the BEST fiat gateway for Kadena traders, developers, and miners.

But it’s not just fiat. Traders can buy or sell KDA with any crypto or fiat by using our simple swap widget!

Trade KDA for any other cyptocurrency with the simple swap widget

Wallet Integration

Other exchanges have difficulties because they only use one of Kadena’s many blockchains for their wallets. CoinMetro, however, supports ALL of their blockchains! We worked very closely with Kadena to integrate KDA wallets that leverage the full-power of the Kadena blockchain and its proprietary smart contract language, Pact. Send, receive, & hold KDA on CoinMetro with the smooth efficiency & security it deserves!

We also created a transaction builder to make it even easier! CoinMetro users can easily define accounts with custom names and endless multi-sig options. This use-case is usually left to the power user or developer, but we were able to simplify this for a truly seamless user experience.

Kadena Staking

One of the most exciting parts of our collaboration with Kadena has been the success of KDA staking. We simplified the technical, complex process of Kadena Bonding into a very simple staking process. It’s not some promotional gimmick! This means you can become a real part of the Kadena ecosystem. CoinMetro users earn a high yield passive income by staking their KDA.

KDA Staking is currently full. Over 730,000 KDA were staked in a matter of minutes the last time it was opened! So, be sure to follow us on all platforms to stay in-the-know.

Future Collaborations

We can’t divulge too much information about everything the CoinMetro & Kadena teams are working on right now, but we plan to accomplish A LOT together in the coming years. As we both companies develop and mature, who knows how far our collaborations might go in the future?

So as you can see, our two teams are eager for what’s to come and we want you to be a part of it! Sign up for CoinMetro right now and enjoy the ride. If you have any questions, you can ask our 24/7 LIVE Support Team on the website or join the party in the official CoinMetro Telegram community.


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