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Flux Added to MARs

by Kamil S


As you may know,  we launched our MARs Program earlier this year to great acclaim. By staking your XCM on our platform, MARs gives you incremental rewards paid out in specific tokens included as part of the program.

KDA was the first asset added to MARs and it was followed by UST.

We are excited to announce that we have now added FLUX to the MARs Program! In addition to KDA and UST, you will also receive FLUX rewards when you stake your XCM.

This is just the beginning of an on-going effort from our side to provide you with groundbreaking staking plans and financial services.

Spread the Word and Tell Your Friends!

What does the term “economic togetherness” actually stand for? It’s our vision to foster a financial environment where everybody benefits in a secure and stable way. The more people take part, the higher the rewards. Our FLUX MARs program is taking this concept to even greater heights. The more FLUX staked on Coinmetro, the more rewards become available to be distributed.

Let’s have a look at what this means:

As the quantity of available rewards is directly driven by the success and adoption of the FLUX staking program, this means if there is 100x the amount of FLUX staked on Coinmetro, there will be 100x more rewards for those staking XCM!

This is only one of the financial mechanisms that we designed with collective growth in mind. A people-oriented approach that returns increased value back to users, as they choose to take part in our innovative financial plans.

Earn Passive Income with Coinmetro!

Coinmetro strives to offer an inclusive and accessible exchange designed to make everyone successful. On our platform, growth and profit are driven by people and the community itself instead of depending on policies and external agencies that have little to no understanding for the modern economic journey. Finance will never be the same when there is so much potential on the horizon for people to create value on their terms.

Our commitment carries on and more staking programs for other assets are already developed and scheduled in the near future. Stay up to date with Coinmetro by joining our DiscordTelegram community and Twitter or head straight to the exchange.


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