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ETH Staking Has Arrived

by Kamil S


Unlock Passive Income with ETH Staking on Coinmetro 

We are happy to introduce this much-anticipated passive income stream. You can now stake ETH at Coinmetro and benefit from 4.03% APR (Annual Percentage Return) for 1 year-long plan! After the Ethereum Shapella upgrade weeks ago, the blockchain giant has completed its transition to a Proof-of-Stake consensus model, offering more users the opportunity to stake ETH tokens and earn rewards. 

👉 As promised, we are here to connect you with this significant opportunity and give you a chance to put your money to work in a prime passive income plan. Buy and stake ETH on Coinmetro today and watch your tokens grow daily!


Stake ETH at Coinmetro and unlock 4.03% APR for 1 year-long plans

Stake ETH Now

How to Stake ETH on Coinmetro

Staking ETH on Coinmetro is a smooth journey:

  • Buy ETH with just a few clicks or deposit and/or transfer the ETH you #hodl to your Coinmetro wallet
  • Choose the amount you want to stake
  • Select the duration of your staking plan

That’s it! Now you can relax, watching your ETH grow daily with this lucrative passive income stream. Remember – the longer the staking period you select, the bigger the returns!

Due to the current on-chain staking protocol load, please note:

🕑 Activation of your staking and rewards distribution will start 7 days after your enrollment into the plan.

🕑 The unstacking period for ETH is 7 days, therefore funds will become available in your account afterward.

Why Stake ETH?

With the new PoS consensus model, Ethereum has further cemented their position as one of the essential blockchain networks in the world. The transition aims to improve its performance, security, and efficiency, giving more users the opportunity to stake their ETH tokens and become validators in the network. For this, your hard earned ETH will get you back more, setting you up on a growing income stream that will add weight to your portfolio.

 ✅ Stake ETH at Coinmetro for 4.03% APR

Disclaimer: The APR rates mentioned for staking ETH at Coinmetro are subject to change based on the protocol gross APR evolution.

 As always, we are continuously researching crypto products and earning mechanisms that can add value and help you grow your portfolio daily. Stay close to the Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram to chat with other forward-thinking investors who are staking ETH at Coinmetro. 

Should you need any help, feel free to reach out to our world-class Customer Support Team via 24/7 live chat or email at

To become a Coinmetro user today,  Sign-Up now, or head to our new Exchange if you are already registered and experience our premium trading platform.



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