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Coinmetro’s Journey Revealed: An Exciting Roadmap Awaits

by Coinmetro Editorial Team


We're thrilled to share the pivotal updates and future roadmap announced by CEO Kevin Murcko  in our recent AMA session. It was a momentous event, packed with insightful revelations about Coinmetro's path forward and our ambitious plans for enhancing XCM's value and utility. Read on to learn more about the key steps in the coming years.

Product roadmap – Anticipate key developments

Our product will expand with more offerings. Get ready for an array of enhancements, from DeFi integrations like Lending and non-custodial wallets to Social Trading and more:


Mobile Native Spot Exchange: We're working actively to enhance our platform with a mobile-native spot exchange - aiming for a release in Q2, the first half of Q3, at the latest. This strategic move is designed to elevate user convenience and ensure a seamless trading journey right from their smartphones.

USD On/Off Ramp Option: We're soon re-introducing the USD on/off ramp option, enhancing accessibility and expanding opportunities for US citizens.

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA): To diversify our revenue streams and enhance user investment options, we're introducing Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA). This method allows users to invest at regular intervals, mitigating the impact of volatility while potentially boosting long-term returns.

Localization of Payments and Content: After unlocking the US market, we focus on enhancing user experience by introducing more local payment methods and localizing our marketing website for better SEO.

Q3 - Q4

DeFi Lending: Responding to community requests, we are expanding our reach into the DeFi space by incorporating DeFi Lending into our product offerings. This addition will allow our users to tap into the DeFi potential and leverage their assets at will.

Social Trading: We aim to capitalize on the bull season by implementing social trading tools, specifically spot mirroring strategies, a form of copy trading. 

Staking: We are dedicated to refining our staking plans and upgrading our infrastructure to provide more value and better returns for our users.

Ignium Integration: We will achieve full integration of Ignium into the Coinmetro ecosystem, enhancing our platform's capabilities and offering seamless transactions across different markets.


Subscription Model: Launching during an anticipated bull run, our new subscription model arrives at an ideal time to capitalize on market momentum. Designed not just as a revenue stream, this model aims to support consistent growth and provide our customers with predictable costs. It will offer exclusive benefits and features that enhance user experience, ensuring that new and existing members receive excellent value.

Non-custodial Wallets: As we expand our DeFi offerings, we're excited to roll out non-custodial wallet integration by late 2024. This development will empower a wider audience by giving users full control over their digital assets, ensuring security and privacy while facilitating seamless transactions within our ecosystem.

Ongoing business functions

In tandem with regular listings, the introduction of new staking plans, bug fixing, and liquidity optimization, we uphold our commitment to operational excellence, ensuring continuous improvement and value creation for our users and stakeholders.

Business development - Strategic expansion

Our business development timeline is strategically laid to enhance our global presence and regulatory framework. Our key goal from a regulatory standpoint in the upcoming months is to proceed with the MiCA licensing process. Furthermore, we are on track to acquire the Dubai license within the next six months, followed by starting the process of securing an FCA license later this year. Our expansion plans include entering the Mexican market and extending our reach to other South American countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, with initial developments starting in Q2 2025. Additionally, we are introducing a hybrid governance model set for launch by Q1 2025 - read more below.

XCM Tokenomics and utility revamped

Expect a significant overhaul in XCM tokenomics to make XCM integral to every product within the Coinmetro ecosystem. Planned initiatives include:

Levels Redesign: With the recent launch of Levels, users are already experiencing the advantages of staking XCM to multiply their earned Points. More XCM staked means a higher multiplier, helping you achieve your goals faster. As we continue to evolve, we will introduce more exciting features related to XCM. Stay tuned for upcoming developments, including the ability to burn XCM to freeze Decay, preserve Points, and earn more Points, further empowering users to optimize their trading experience.

Revamped MARs Program: Get ready for an upgraded XCM Mars program, now powered by an innovative system that channels spot fees into various streams. This includes contributions to the Coinmetro XCM utility vault, Coinmetro treasury, MARs temporary vault, and the introduction of burn events, providing added value for our token holders. This update means that MARs will become even more rewarding, with staking rewards and a portion of spot fees strengthening the MARs pool. Plus, all crypto tokens listed on our exchange could be included in the MARs program, ensuring broader benefits for participants.

Regular Airdrops: For the next two years, we will conduct regular airdrops for XCM holders based on quarterly snapshots.

XCM Burn Events: To celebrate significant business milestones, we will conduct XCM burn events, looking to reduce the circulating supply further and add value to our token holders.

Coinmetro Impact Program: Launching in Q4 ‘24, the Coinmetro Impact Program will allow users to subscribe using Fiat or XCM. Fees paid in XCM will support our Impact wallet, which will fund charitable donations and support for startups chosen via community voting.

Decentralized Governance Organization – A new era of community-driven exchange

Hybrid-governance exchange

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the hybrid governance exchange. This revolutionary model combines decentralized decision-making with centralized regulatory compliance, building bridges and establishing Coinmetro as The People’s Exchange. Set to launch in Q1 2025, the coming Coinmetro DAO will manage operational and strategic decisions, including listings, trading pairs, annual marketing strategies, executive elections, and more.

Empowering the community

Our DAO empowers the community by providing unprecedented transparency and control over the exchange operations through token ownership. This structure will allow token holders to make informed decisions on operational aspects and strategic directions, ensuring that every voice is heard and has an impact.

Unified Governance: The DAO will oversee operations across the Coinmetro group, including Coinmetro OU, Coinmetro UK, and Coinmetro UAE, as well as all future entities, ensuring unified governance and strategic alignment across the organization. This oversight mechanism is designed to maintain high compliance standards and operational efficiency, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and community-driven governance.

Full Ignium Integration: Building upon our strategic acquisition of Ignium, we are now in position to achieve full integration into the Coinmetro ecosystem. As previously mentioned, this milestone represents the next phase in our journey towards enhancing platform capabilities and facilitating seamless transactions across diverse markets. Ignium's pivotal role in token distribution empowers users to seamlessly buy and sell tokens within a secure environment facilitated by our innovative billboard feature. As we navigate the realm of security tokens, Ignium's significance weighs in by enhancing the present and shaping our ecosystem's future trajectory.

Despite the decentralized governance model, central ownership remains at the group level to ensure intellectual property and technology infrastructure are robustly protected and supported.

Coinmetro DAO token - coming in Q4 2024

This shift will introduce a new governance token, distinct from XCM, offering holders governance and voting rights across the entire Coinmetro ecosystem. We are scheduling the Governance token ICO for Q4 2024 to capitalize on the anticipated bull market phase. This timing ensures that we are operationally, legally, and technologically prepared to effectively support the new token's introduction.

DAO token vs. XCM: Distinct roles and benefits

Governance Token: The future governance token will serve as a security token, providing voting power, participation in dividend distributions, and the ability to submit community projects. These tokens are crucial for leadership evaluations and can only be traded on select platforms like Ignium, without the possibility of withdrawals or deposits.

XCM Token: Continues as a utility token within Coinmetro, facilitating operations, accessing pre-ICO discounts, and eligibility for third-party airdrops. All this while not restricting trading or withdrawal/deposit limits.

Future DAO token distribution

Five years post-launch, Coinmetro aims to retain only 20% of DAO tokens, with the remaining 80% distributed among the community, reflecting our commitment to decentralized governance.

This strategic initiative marks a significant milestone in our journey, enhancing community involvement while adhering to regulatory standards and setting a new precedent in the financial technology landscape.

XCM price floor removal - May 21, 2024

Key Update: On May 21, 2024, the XCM price floor is set to be removed. This pivotal change is expected to enhance market responsiveness and expose XCM to a price discovery process fueled by our bold roadmap, increasing user base, and the coming exponential growth in the crypto markets. To prepare for the upcoming change, we will temporarily disable XCM trading starting now until May 21, 2024.

As a crypto exchange, Coinmetro has reached a significant inflection point. We're not just evolving; we're revolutionizing how crypto exchanges operate and what they offer to their users. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Your participation and support shape our success.

Join the Coinmetro community on Discord and Telegram, where forward-thinking traders and investors gather to share insights, explore new opportunities, and dive deep into cryptocurrencies. Should you need any help, please reach out to our world-class Customer Support Team via 24/7 live chat or email at hello @ coinmetro.com. 

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