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Coinmetro Welcomes Ignium

by Kamil S


A New Era in Fundraising for SMEs

We are thrilled to announce that Coinmetro has acquired, a blockchain-native fundraising platform for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), for EUR 4 mil. Ignium was created to address the pressing issue of 60 million small businesses world-wide lacking optimum financial services. The platform allows businesses to easily raise funds from their communities by minting and issuing non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, in a simple, secure, and straightforward process, with applications taking just 10 minutes on average. 

At Coinmetro, we leveraged the power of Ignium to successfully raise USD 2.5 million in 2021, showcasing the effectiveness of the platform and our ability to utilize it to meet our financial goals. 

Discover Ignium’s all-in-one solution enabling small and medium businesses to easily raise funds from their community.

Pioneers in the Securities Market

This acquisition is trailblazing Coinmetro’s advancement into essential services in the securities market. We plan to develop the fundraising and community engagement product further by creating an active market for equity trading for our more than 150 shareholders and external companies. This a first-of-its-kind solution in the crypto market, allowing for greater engagement between participants in the community and the businesses they support.

As of February 3, 2023, Coinmetro has acquired 71% of Ignium’s shares, aiming to acquire the rest by the end of April 2023. All of Ignium’s 4,000 registered users and asset-issuing business clients have been transferred to Coinmetro.

“SMEs are enduring one crisis after another, from Covid, to inflation, to a potential recession. They are also the type of business least catered to by traditional financial services. SMEs, however, have a key asset: their highly engaged communities. This is particularly marked in the crypto sector. Companies that nurture their communities can then reap the benefits of turning their loyal customers into engaged investors, made possible with products such as Ignium’s blockchain technology.”

Kevin Murcko (Coinmetro Founder & CEO)

Access to Secure and Efficient Fundraising Solutions

We are excited to welcome Ignium to the Coinmetro family and thus build one more critical bridge towards blockchain finance serving everybody equal chances. With the Ignium acquisition, we are also strengthening Coinmetro’s commitment to building stronger communities in the crypto space.

On the successful acquisition, Ignium Co-founder & CEO, Reimo Hammerberg added: “Ignium has a long-standing relationship with Coinmetro – they are one of our first customers and their community members are active users of the Ignium product. We share an understanding of the importance of community in commercial success, which makes us confident that our clients will be in the best possible hands with Coinmetro.”

Visit Ignium to learn how you can easily raise funds from your community.

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