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Coinmetro Insider: Help & Support Center

by Kamil S


Crypto’s Finest Support Team

The Coinmetro exchange would not be complete without our trusted help and support center. We have designed it so that you can easily find your way and reach the answer you need in no time. The goal of the Help Center is to enable our clients to solve problems fast and easily, most of the time without the need to speak with a support agent.

Did you know that Coinmetro has a 4.8 stars rating – out of five, on Trustpilot.com? Have a look at what other people are saying about their experience with our exchange. Since Coinmetro’s inception, we wanted to make the Support Center one of the most reliable in the industry, so that our community can benefit from proper assistance. With the help of your feedback, we are finding new ways to improve and provide the best service.

24/7 By Your Side

Being committed to offering stellar customer service, our Help Center plays a huge role in our day-to-day operations. Our Help Center is an ever-evolving knowledge base, ensuring our clients always get the right assistance in seconds. It is structured so you can easily search and find what you need. If your situation requires more support, you can reach out to one of our Customer Support team members who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

 During the last bull market, we experienced very high volumes of clients seeking support. But our Help Center managed to accommodate the entire flow at even peak times because many of the problems are solved easily by going through help articles.

Your Go-To Learning Lab

Our Help Center is not only for solving problems though. Take your time navigating the educational section and picking the topics you want to learn more about. You will find content covering a wide range of subjects, structured so you become more knowledgeable about crypto from several angles.

Learn about the security of our platform and find all the info you need on deposits and withdrawals. Discover the entire Coinmetro ecosystem, our products and our native token – XCM – fueling the exchange of the future.

Join the Coinmetro Community!

At Coinmetro, learning is a never-ending pursuit. Our community is a place where brilliant ideas and inspiration always flow freely. We love to hear your thoughts about our products and platform and we’re excited to share the good news with you first, as a Coinmetro insider.

Got a question for our CEO Kevin Murcko or somebody else in the company? Tag them directly in the above-mentioned channels and we will always try to come back to you quickly.

More so, you can catch Kevin every Friday for his AMA sessions – he’s been doing this for 4 years and counting!

Whenever you need a hand, reach out with confidence to our  Help Center and your issue will be solved in a timely fashion, so you can stay on top of the markets and execute your trades flawlessly.

Come by to say hi – on our Discord and Telegram channels and let us know what you think about our products and the entire Coinmetro ecosystem. We want to hear your voice! If you are not already a member of one of the fastest-growing crypto exchangessign-up today to enjoy a premium trading and investing experience.


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