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Coinmetro Has One of the Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

by Kamil


We’re proud to announce that the CoinMetro affiliate program has gone through an overhaul and we can put our hand on heart and say that it is indeed one of the best crypto affiliate programs out there. Let me rephrase, it is indeed the best, let me show you why.

What kind of crypto affiliate programs are there?

Different affiliate programs can have different terms and structures of commission. You can either get a set payout when users take some action, get a piece of the pie of what the company makes or a hybrid model. Let’s look at how these work in crypto affiliate programs.

CPA Model

In this case the affiliate gets paid per trader signup (or when requirements for payout are met). Usually this means a set price for signup/deposit rather than recurring revenue. When the commission is high, this can become very profitable if you are able to bring a lot of customers to the company. On the other hand, it puts a cap on your earnings. 

CPA is a good model if you know you can bring users but often the terms are hard to meet.

Revenue Share Model

This is a model where if you bring in traders for a crypto exchange or product, you take a cut from whatever they make. It is a great model for both if you are able to bring in a lot of engaged users. If the users don’t really make revenue then well, neither of you will make money.

 Great way to reward quality affiliates for their hard work whilst making revenue for the company.

Hybrid Model

You’ve probably guessed it – as the name states, this is a combination of both. You will get a set payout if a customer takes some predetermined action + share part of the revenue. This is a great way to hedge your bets – still get paid if users are not going to be high volume traders but not miss out if they are.

This model is the most lucrative for affiliates provided that the commissions and CPA are high enough

Sub affiliate model

Sub affiliate model is when you get commission on the referrals your referrals bring in. For example if one of the traders you bring in starts inviting more users, you take a cut as well. Many different crypto affiliate programs have various terms here. There may be many levels or you may take a cut from whatever the referrals referrals make. 

Important to keep in mind that most affiliates never really make money beyond level 2 because the probability of bringing in a pyramid of traders that all bring new traders is rather low.

The CoinMetro Affiliate Program

What kind of a model from the ones mentioned above do we do?

A combination of all, because why not, right?

Here’s how it works:

  • June bonus! 5€ worth of crypto for both you and your referral once they’ve verified their account. Update: June bonus was successful and sold out. 7000 new users joined from all over the world.
  • 40% of what CoinMetro makes on your traders is yours, for life.
  • 10% of what CoinMetro makes on your referrals traders is also yours, for life.

Sounds like a no brainer? Let’s get started!

Create Your Account Here!

Why Promote CoinMetro?

It is about community. Sharing the knowledge, the tools and products people need. We are stronger together than we ever could be alone.

Whether you’re new to investing, an institutional investor or just want to store and spend your finances. With CoinMetro, you can. We are redefining how people invest, spend and save.

We are traders, investors and crypto nerds. Everything we do, we do it with integrity and transparency. Focused on building products that we want to use because the current market doesn’t fit our needs.

How Our Affiliate Program Compares to Other Crypto Affiliate Programs

Let’s see what other crypto affiliate programs are out there and where we stand. Affiliate marketing only makes sense when the work you put in to bring new crypto traders is rewarded. 

How does this look like in real life?

Let’s say you refer your friend John. John is big on crypto and turns out he has an instinct for trading as well. John starts day trading, accumulating fees of €1000 per month. John then refers 3 friends of his, all accumulating trading fees of €200 per month. John and his referral army remain active customers for 12 months.

How to Get Started in Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be something that earns you a little extra income on the side, becomes your main job or even a lucrative passive income. It’s all what you make of it really. Finding your niche or perfect channels to promote the products can determine if you make it. 

Currently the sentiment on crypto trading is on the rise so it is an excellent time to hop on.

What to do next depends on you really. Are you great at writing? Can you do excellent video tutorials? Do you have an active network of crypto traders? Leverage them all, test what works best and repeat!

Leverage your talent! Top channels used by our affiliates include:

  • Personal websites
  • Blogs
  • YouTube channels
  • Twitter handles
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Email 

It’s that simple. Sign up to the best crypto affiliate program to start earning!


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