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CoinMetro Exchange: XCM Ecosystem Adoption

by Kamil S


CoinMetro is an EU-licensed crypto platform offering fiat-crypto-fiat exchange services, margin trading, copy trading, an STO marketplace, and instant fiat on & off ramps in EUR, GBP, & USD. XCM is our native utility token for the growing ecosystem. More fiat options are available including SWIFT payment, covering AUD.

Key Drivers

XCM Price as of 12th Jan 2021

Market Cap — $55,912,019

Max supply — 330,000,000

Locking XCM

Users are able to lock XCM for participation in IEOs and gain early access to platform features, any flash sales or big events.

XCM holders can lock in XCM to join one of three tiers that offer a wide range of benefits. Holders will earn from an increased maker bonus when using maker orders (limit orders that add liquidity). The maker bonus is paid from the gross taker fee — taker pays 0.1% and maker earns up to 0.05%. The benefits also include earning rebates on taker fees paid and getting increased interest in any staking rewards.

In order to open a copy trading account, we require managers to lock up a minimum of 10,000 XCM. This ensures that they have exposure to XCM and act in good faith, as well pushed demand for XCM to start earning as a copy trade manager.

XCM Locked in the Ecosystem

Locked as of 12th Jan 2021

6,435,000 XCM / $1,098,807

Vaulting XCM

100% of all exchange fees collected by CoinMetro are used to buy XCM back from the order book with market orders. That XCM is then put into the vault. As platform usage increases, so will the demand for XCM. Even more products and services are coming soon, all of which will include XCM utility. 50% of all XCM bought from market is vaulted

Why Vaulting?

There is still regulatory uncertainty about burning tokens, this is why we have opted for a model where we vault XCM tokens in a time-locked cold wallet. The XCM in the vault will be returned to the Treasury in February 2024. At this time we will look to re-vault or burn XCM permanently.

Vaulted as of 12th Jan

2,931,280.7 XCM / $523,873.18

Check the vault here.

What is planned for XCM?

As for the short-term, check out what we are working on with our Q1 Roadmap.

We are very excited to give our users the ability to earn passive income with CoinMetro. We will make this possible with XCM staking in Q1 this year.

XCM will soon be coming to our Margin Trading platform as well, giving you the ability to trade with more capital than currently in your account. Margin trading is risky, of course. But we work FOR our users here at CoinMetro and we won’t let anyone get wrecked. So we mitigate that inherent risk of margin trading by not allowing an account to go below zero.

We will also be introducing XCM liquidity pools! Allowing users to lock XCM and other crypto assets or fiat into liquidity pools + earn soft staking rewards whilst XCM is allocated. This will create a potential passive income for traders, we will provide the options to hard-stake XCM in these pools to earn even larger rewards.

As requested by our community, CoinMetro will soon add XCM to the Copy Trading platform too. You will be able to allocate your XCM as collateral to copy the moves made by professional traders!

Earning XCM

We have the absolute BEST affiliate program in crypto! Just by simple word of mouth, you can earn meaningful amounts of cryptocurrency. All ambassador bonuses are credited in XCM. When you refer a new user and they deposit €50 into their account, you will BOTH receive €5 worth of XCM!

Best Affiliate Program in Crypto

CLICK HERE for a complete breakdown of the Affiliate Program.

FEE FREE — There are no fees when buying XCM.

Welcome to CoinMetro. Beyond the best crypto exchange.

A one-of-a-kind, fintech platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation. Join our Telegram!


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