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AMA Summary February 18th, 2022

by Kamil S


Here’s your quick summary of Kevin’s Weekly Live AMA from February 18th, 2022.

XCM Opportunity

You will need XCM. If you’re an XCM holder, this will be interesting for you, a unique opportunity and maybe to solidify your relationship with Coinmetro. There will be minimum and maximums.


Focused on licensing in the US right now.


Money is overrated, but you need money to survive. Everyone has a threshold when they think they will feel secure, but then people will be, “if I only get this amount, I can do this,” etc.

The question is: “Will Money Make You Happy?” No, it won’t, but things you can acquire with money will make some people happy, and the comfort of feeling financially secure makes other people happy.

Crypto Versus Forex

Volatility exists everywhere, the fundamentals in crypto are, “If Elon Musk wakes up at 3AM and decides to buy Shiba Inu.”

If you understand how to trade, whether you are a technical trader, fundamentalist, both or none of the above, you should be able to trade any market if you know how to trade. If you succeed in one market and fail in another, you are probably not a trader.

Forex is an interesting market, not necessarily hype-driven, but the fundamentals can be pretty weird with currencies because they are political.

Governments Freezing Accounts

It’s better to change things from the inside than from the outside because if you change one mind on the inside, it can have an avalanche effect.

Credit Card Offer

Finally, starting on Tuesday of next week, US credit cards will return to the platform. Up to $1000 in deposits with a credit card will be fee-free for a limited time, which equates to up to $50.

What to Buy With €5k for a Newbie

Timing is very important, getting out is probably more difficult than getting in. Make sure to do your research, look for projects that you feel will make a difference, that maybe align with your ideals.

Passive Income

Lots of ways of getting passive income. You could own some type of automated business that is passive. Anything you can do where you put money down and get money in return is passive income. There is a world of opportunities.

Native UST

Enabled now, you can now withdraw natively, so no more high Ethereum gas fees.

That’s all for this week! See you next Friday. Be sure to ‘like’ the live video and subscribe to the Coinmetro YouTube below.


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