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AMA Summary February 11th, 2022

by Kamil S


In this week’s AMA Coinmetro, CEO Kevin Murcko talks about Hedges against inflation some Bizdev, Passive income, among others!

XCM burning 1 min in

It is being worked on.

Fraud effects from December 2 min

We are still seeing fraud and its effects, whilst at the same time we are getting better at catching them. Our process and pattern optimization is going on until the end of March. Some changes in laws in Estonia are happening, which are going to come to fruition by the end of March into April. This will help us with the swiftness of on-boarding.

Sustainability of staking 5 min

Our XCM staking is currently sustainable in general. With tokenomics 2.0 coming out the entire earn platform will become more and more profitable.

Hedge against inflation 8 min

We’re going to see inflation rates just like in the 80s and we haven’t seen the whole iceberg yet. Inflation in Estonia was 12% last year. Inflation is going to increase dramatically in Europe as well. Crypto has proven itself to a certain degree a hedge against inflation but it’s also a hype, FOMO driven market. I am not sure with macro inflation as we have right now that there is a good hedge against inflation. Commodities seem to be a good hedge against inflation at the moment.

AI powered oracle 13 min

There will probably be Oracle AI powered solutions in blockchain in the future. Parsiq connecting to something like Link gives you something like an AI powered Oracle. If something is trying to find information, Oracle can then provide information to the chain. The idea could be interesting, but might be short lived, 3-8 years, until a protocol comes out. The fact that we don’t have a standard for any use-cases of blockchain means that there probably is going to be a protocol war.

Bizdev 16 min

By the end of the month we will have Tokenomics come out as well as some new releases in the coming weeks.

Hathor 37 min

Hathor all about tokenization as am I. I do think there is a lot of potential there, bullish long term but I don’t see them the same potential gains as FLUX or KDA in the same time frame.

THT 40 min

I Like THT, I own THT, but they still have a way to go. As they grow their team they are going to grow as a company, just like Coinmetro had a small dev team for a long time. Doesn’t scare me but you have to have realistic expectations in the market.

PRQ 42 min

They are growing on the business side but haven’t put a lot of focus on their token.

Passive income 45 min

You don’t necessarily need a lot of different passive income streams, there is something called over-diversification. However in this specific instance I think it is good to be diversified. If you get passive income from crypto, you could invest it in other types of passive income streams like real estate. However, you will see financial markets on bullish and bearish trends, real estate markets bubbles burst etc. So, if you are diversified in different fields, it will be better in the long run when one slows down and another one speeds up.

That’s all for today. Join us next week and be sure to give a ‘thumbs up’ to the full AMA video below.


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