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Robinhood vs Etrade

by Kamil S


Robinhood was launched in 2013, Etrade closed its first online deal back in 1983.

  • Etrade offers a notorious selection of traditional investment options and is a great educational resource.
  • Robinhood is more suitable for crypto traders, but has limited its functionality.
  • Find out why CoinMetro might be the best option for you.

Robinhood’s been stirring the minds of traditional and crypto investors and traders for some time now. Legal issues, fines, limited functionality – the customer trust and loyalty have been affected.

If you too are looking for alternatives or just want to know more about Robinhood competitors and Etrade in particular, this article is for you.

Robinhood Brokerage Review

Robinhood is a free New York-based brokerage firm launched back in 2013. Robinhood’s branch Robinhood Crypto is focused around cryptocurrency trading.

Is Robinhood safe? Millions of users who joined Robinhood for no trading fees were disillusioned last year, when the SEC claimed that Robinhood had misled its customers about how it was paid by Wall Street firms for passing along customer trades. It further claimed that the startup company had made money at the expense of its customers.

If you decide to give Robinhood app a try anyway, keep in mind that it doesn’t support transfers of digital assets or wallets into Robinhood Crypto accounts. Nor does it currently provide its users with access to their wallets or wallet addresses, meaning you can’t transfer the cryptocurrency you own elsewhere.

What is Etrade?

Etrade is famous for being one of the first online brokers. You won’t believe this, but it executed its first online trade back in 1983!

Having been in the business for so long, Etrade is the definition of user experience. Etrade’s desktop platforms and apps – two of each – are smooth to navigate and easy to customise.

As a large broker, Etrade offers stocks, options, futures, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and CDs. Futures trading gives you exposure to commodities and bitcoin. Let’s move over to the next section and compare Robinhood’s and Etrade’s offerings – just like we did in our previous article Webull vs Robinhood.

Etrade vs Robinhood: Overview of the Main Features

This is an overview of the main – read most popular – features. Compared to Robinhood, Etrade offers a fuller range of traditional investment options, which also includes bonds, mutual funds, close-end funds, and some other features.

You can only trade bitcoin futures on Etrade, which is not an option for those who are crypto-focused.

Etrade as an Educational Resource

Etrade has one tremendous advantage over Robinhood – it is a great educational resource for both aspiring investors and experienced traders.

Robinhood has a learning centre that’s more of an FAQ section, whereas on Etrade you’ll find an in-depth educational library dedicated to major topics.

CoinMetro: Combining the Best Advantages of Robinhood’s Competitors

CoinMetro is the ultimate betterment of existing trading and investment platforms, and is perfect for crypto fans. Buy crypto instantly and trade on the lowest fees in the industry.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, CoinMetro has been designed for you – feel free to customise your experience. 

Just starting out? More haste, less speed, so no rush there. Try copy trading by mirroring the deals of established traders to better understand how crypto trading works.

Too experienced a trader? Have a look at our advanced tools and indicators to upgrade your trading experience.

If you’re neither a crypto trader nor an investor, but believe in the future of digital currencies and want to help spread the knowledge for a generous reward – welcome to CoinMetro’s crypto affiliate program.

Now, if you have some questions to be answered and want to find out more about altcoins and crypto trading, explore our insightful educational resources. With us, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace.

CoinMetro’s blog offers a collection of in-depth articles and complete guides focused around crypto currencies and trading. You can also join our YouTube channel for weekly AMAs with CoinMetro’s CEO Kevin Murcko and have your question answered live. Honestly, there are very few people with such impressive knowledge of all things crypto.

Robinhood vs Etrade – nah. Why choose when you can have it all at CoinMetro?



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