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What is Celestia (TIA)?

Celestia is known as a modular data availability proof-of-stake blockchain network that focuses on scalability while aiming to balance security or decentralization. It enables developers to build and deploy their own Layer 2 blockchains and respective decentralized applications with minimal overhead (lowest amount of extra resources) and maximum scalability. This is accomplished through a feature known as data availability sampling, which allows light nodes to verify the availability of transaction data without the need to download all the data, ensuring a scalable yet secure framework.

The network supports the development of modular blockchains that can leverage Celestia’s different layers (such as execution, settlement, consensus, and data availability) instead of relying on a traditional monolithic structure. Celestia’s native token, TIA, is used for various purposes within the ecosystem, including paying for storage space, securing the network, and participating in governance. It offers a solution to the data availability problem, ensuring that data required to verify blockchain transactions is accessible to all users, thereby supporting the integrity and transparency of the network.

How does Celestia (TIA) work and what makes it unique?

Celestia's uniqueness stems from its modular architecture and the use of data availability proofs. These proofs enable the network to scale efficiently while maintaining verifiability for any user. By using a technique called erasure coding, Celestia can take current block data and expand it, ensuring that the entire block can be recovered as long as half of it is available. This process significantly reduces the likelihood of data omission by malicious block producers.

Furthermore, Celestia separates the different functionalities of traditional blockchains into layers, which allows for more specialized and efficient handling of tasks such as execution and consensus. This modular approach is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional, monolithic blockchains that often suffer from scalability issues.

In practice, this means that other projects and chains can build on top of Celestia's technology, utilizing it for data availability and consensus functions. By enabling this level of modularity, Celestia allows for the creation of highly customizable and scalable blockchain solutions, which can be tailored to the specific needs of different projects.

Celestia stands out by offering a balance between scalability, security, and decentralization that is hard to achieve in conventional blockchain systems. This positions Celestia as a pivotal player in the next generation of blockchain technology, with the potential to support a vast ecosystem of modular chains and applications​.

The TIA token: Utility & tokenomics


Paying for Blobspace: TIA is primarily used for paying fees associated with Celestia's data availability feature. Developers use TIA for submitting transactions to ensure their data is stored and accessible on the network.

Bootstrapping New Rollups: Celestia enables developers to launch their own blockchains efficiently. TIA acts as a utility token in this context, used as both a gas token and currency, thereby eliminating the immediate need to develop a new native token.

Staking and Network Security: Celestia operates on a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. TIA holders can stake their tokens with validators, contributing to network security and earning staking rewards in return.

Decentralized Governance: TIA also serves a governance role, allowing token holders to vote on network upgrades and decisions, ensuring a decentralized and community-driven approach to network governance​.


Total Supply: Celestia has set a total supply cap for TIA tokens at ~1 billion. The design of the token supply aims to ensure transparency and manage inflation effectively.

Allocation and Distribution: The allocation of TIA tokens spans several categories, such as Public Allocation, R&D & Ecosystem, Early Backers, and Initial Core Contributors. This structured allocation aims to support the ecosystem's growth and reward contributors and early supporters.

Inflation Schedule: The TIA token features an initial inflation rate of 8%, which is scheduled to decrease over time, stabilizing at 1.5% annually. This approach aims to balance liquidity and long-term value of the token.

Genesis Drop and Airdrop: Celestia conducted a Genesis Drop, distributing a significant number of TIA tokens to users across various blockchain ecosystems. This move was aimed at fostering a vibrant and inclusive Celestia community.

Market Dynamics: Post-launch, the circulating supply of TIA is carefully managed, contributing to its market value. However, upcoming unlocks of tokens could potentially increase the circulating supply, influencing market dynamics and prices​.

Celestia's approach to TIA's utility and tokenomics reflects a comprehensive strategy to build a scalable, secure, and community-driven blockchain ecosystem. The structured token distribution and strategic use cases for TIA aim to foster an inclusive and dynamic environment, encouraging innovation and growth within the Celestia network.

As of March 2024, according to Coinmarketcap.com, TIA has:

Market cap - $2,500,444,083

Circulating supply - 173,043,528 TIA

Max. supply - 1,032,000,000 TIA

How to buy Celestia (TIA)?

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