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What is Propy (PRO)?

Propy (PRO) is an Ethereum-based blockchain real estate platform designed to streamline the buying and selling of properties. It leverages smart contracts and decentralized technology to eliminate the need for intermediaries, making real estate transactions more efficient, transparent, and secure. Propy aims to modernize the traditional real estate market by providing a global solution for cross-border settlement, reducing costs, and speeding up processes.

Propy’s ecosystem includes the Propy Registry, a decentralized title registry, and the Propy Transaction Platform, which facilitates the transaction of real estate properties in the form of NFTs. The PRO token is used within the platform to pay for transaction fees, access services, and participate in the ecosystem.

How does Propy (PRO) work and what makes it unique?

Propy operates through a combination of blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate real estate transactions. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how Propy works:

Blockchain Integration: Propy integrates blockchain technology into real estate transactions, offering unprecedented transparency and security. Each transaction, from listing to closing, is recorded on the blockchain. This immutable ledger reduces the risk of fraud and ensures all parties have access to accurate, tamper-proof records.

Decentralized Title Registry: Propy's decentralized title registry is a groundbreaking feature. Traditional real estate transactions involve various intermediaries and paperwork, often leading to delays and errors. Propy eliminates these issues by recording property titles on the blockchain. This decentralized approach ensures that title records are accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible to authorized parties.

Smart Contracts: Propy uses smart contracts to automate and secure real estate transactions. Smart contracts execute automatically when predefined conditions are met, potentially reducing the need for intermediaries like lawyers and brokers. This automation speeds up the transaction process and cuts costs, making real estate deals more efficient and affordable.

Global Marketplace: Propy provides a global marketplace for real estate, enabling cross-border transactions with ease. Buyers and sellers from around the world can interact directly on the platform, overcoming traditional geographic and regulatory barriers. This global reach expands market opportunities and makes real estate investment accessible to a broader audience.

Secure Payments: Propy supports secure payment methods, including cryptocurrency and fiat, offering flexibility and security in financial transactions. Payments are held in escrow until all conditions are met, providing peace of mind to both buyers and sellers. This secure payment system reduces the risk of disputes and ensures that funds are safely transferred.

Compliance and Legal Framework: Propy adheres to international real estate laws and regulations, ensuring compliance and legal security. Its platform includes tools for digital document signing and verification, which are legally recognized in many jurisdictions. This legal compliance simplifies the transaction process and enhances trust in the platform.

Community and Ecosystem: Propy fosters a vibrant community and ecosystem around its platform. By involving real estate professionals, blockchain experts, and investors, Propy continuously improves its offerings and adapts to market needs. This active community contributes to the platform's innovation and success.

Propy's unique blend of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and global reach makes it a revolutionary force in the real estate industry. By addressing common pain points and offering innovative solutions, Propy is poised to transform how real estate transactions are conducted worldwide.

The PRO token: Tokenomics & utility

The PRO token plays a vital role in the Propy ecosystem, serving as the backbone for transaction fees, access to services, governance, and staking. By integrating the token into various aspects of the platform, Propy creates a robust and dynamic system that benefits all participants. The careful design of PRO’s tokenomics and its multiple utilities ensure its central role in the platform's growth and success.

Tokenomics of PRO

Supply and Distribution: The PRO token, the native cryptocurrency of the Propy platform, has a fixed total supply of 100,000,000 PRO. This ensures scarcity and potentially helps maintain its value over time. The initial distribution of PRO tokens occurred through a token sale, with allocations for the development team, advisors, early investors, and the community. This structured distribution supports the platform’s growth and incentivizes participation from various stakeholders.

Utility of PRO

Transaction Fees: PRO tokens are used to pay for transaction fees on the Propy platform. When users buy or sell real estate through Propy, they pay fees in PRO tokens. This usage drives demand for the token and integrates it into the core functionality of the platform. By using PRO for transaction fees, Propy ensures a seamless and efficient process for all users.

Access to Services: Holders of PRO tokens gain access to enhanced utility and benefits, such as advanced search options and exclusive listings. 

Incentives for Adoption: Propy incentivizes real estate professionals, including agents and brokers, to adopt the platform by rewarding them with PRO tokens. This helps expand the platform’s user base and promotes the use of PRO in real-world real estate transactions. These incentives are crucial for driving adoption and integrating blockchain technology into traditional real estate markets.

As of May, 2024, PRO has:

Market Capitalization - $251,454,247

Circulating Supply - 100,000,000 PRO

Max Supply - 100,000,000 PRO

History of Propy (PRO)

Propy was established in 2016 by Natalia Karayaneva, who currently serves as the CEO, with the goal of simplifying real estate transactions using blockchain technology, particularly for cross-border deals. In 2017, Propy's initial coin offering (ICO) successfully raised funds, reflecting strong interest in their blockchain-based solutions. The following year, Propy facilitated the first U.S. blockchain-based real estate transaction in California, recording the entire process on the blockchain. By 2019, Propy had launched its Transaction Platform, allowing buyers, sellers, and agents to complete real estate transactions entirely online with enhanced transparency and security.

How to buy Propy (PRO)?

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