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What is Blocksquare (BST)?

Blocksquare (BST) is a blockchain-based system that makes real estate investment accessible to a broader audience globally. It offers a platform where users can buy, sell, and trade fractional ownership in real estate properties through tokenization. It also allows the launch of their investment platforms and connects people to tokenized real estate deals online. Each token represents a specific stake in a property, allowing for more accessible and flexible investment opportunities compared to traditional real estate transactions.

Blocksquare (BST) operates on the Ethereum proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, utilizing its robust infrastructure and widespread adoption to ensure security and interoperability. The choice of Ethereum allows Blocksquare to benefit from the security features and smart contract capabilities of a well-established network, while benefiting from the fast transactions and lower fees, further enhancing the functionality of the Blocksquare platform for real estate tokenization and trading.

How does Blocksquare (BST) work and what makes it unique?

Blocksquare operates by using blockchain technology to tokenize real estate assets. This process converts real property rights into digital tokens that can be traded on the Blocksquare platform. Investors can purchase these tokens, which represent fractional ownership of physical properties. This method significantly lowers the entry barriers for real estate investment, making it possible for more people to invest in properties with smaller amounts of capital.

Unique features of Blocksquare:

Fractional Ownership: Blocksquare allows multiple investors to own shares in real estate properties, which reduces the investment cost for individuals.

Liquidity: By tokenizing real estate, Blocksquare increases the liquidity of these typically illiquid assets. Token holders can trade their stakes on the Blocksquare platform, providing greater flexibility in managing their investment portfolios.

Transparency: All transactions on the Blocksquare platform are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and security for investors. This system helps prevent fraud and provides a clear record of ownership.

Global Access: Blocksquare enables people from various parts of the world to invest in real estate markets from which they might otherwise be excluded due to geographic and economic barriers.

Automated Compliance: The platform uses smart contracts to automate compliance with local regulations, which simplifies the process of investing in international real estate.

Blocksquare's approach to real estate investment highlights its commitment to using modern technology to solve traditional problems in property markets. By leveraging blockchain, Blocksquare makes real estate investment more accessible, transparent, and flexible, distinguishing itself in the market.

The BST token: Utility & tokenomics

The BST token serves as the cornerstone of the Blocksquare ecosystem, providing functional utility and economic value within the platform. As a utility token, BST enables users to participate actively in real estate investments on the Blocksquare network. 

Utility of the BST Token

Transaction Fees: Users pay transaction fees in BST tokens when buying, selling, or trading tokens representing real estate assets. This use encourages the regular circulation of BST within the ecosystem.

Governance: BST token holders have the ability to vote on key decisions within the Blocksquare platform. This includes choices about feature development, asset listings, and changes in governance protocols.

Incentive Mechanisms: Blocksquare rewards users with BST tokens for various activities that promote the ecosystem, such as participating in surveys, providing liquidity, or referring new users. This not only stimulates engagement but also enhances the token’s circulation and utility.

Tokenomics of BST

The economic model of BST is designed to sustain long-term growth and stability of the platform. Key elements include:

Supply Limitation: BST has a fixed supply. This scarcity can potentially increase the token's value as demand rises with the growth of the platform.

Distribution Strategy: The initial distribution of BST tokens is structured to support ecosystem growth. It includes allocations for the development team, early investors, and a reserve fund to provide liquidity and fund future innovations.

Demand Drivers: The demand for BST tokens is primarily driven by their required use in transactions and governance on the Blocksquare platform. As more real estate assets are tokenized and added to the platform, the demand for BST may potentially increase.

By integrating these features, the BST token not only fuels the operations within the Blocksquare ecosystem but also aims to offer value to its holders through potential asset appreciation and participation in governance. The tokenomics of BST are crafted to align the interests of users and investors with the long-term success of the platform.

As of March 2024, according to Coinmarketcap.com, BST has:

Market cap - $29,424,512

Circulating supply - 46,760,575 BST

Max. supply - 100,000,000 BST

How to buy Blocksquare (BST)?

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