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The Ethereum Merge at Coinmetro

by Kamil S


What Does the Major Blockchain Evolution Bring?

One of the most important upgrades in the history of Ethereum (and potentially the whole blockchain industry) is taking place in less than 48 hours. In essence, the Ethereum Merge will implement the Beacon Chain as the main engine of block production, improving the network and the entire decentralized on-chain industry. The change will eliminate the energy-intensive mining procedures and will allow staking ETH for securing the network.

Given that many other blockchain and crypto institutions rely on it, this innovative step is a major milestone for the entire landscape, making blockchain and crypto more efficient and eco-friendly. Let’s find out more about what this shift means for Coinmetro and you as a user.

Important Things You Should Know

In anticipation of the upcoming Ethereum Mainnet Merge expected between the 10th and 20th September 2022, please note:

Deposits and Withdrawals     

  • Coinmetro will be halting ETH withdrawals around the time of the Merge. ETH withdrawals will be resumed once the network has stabilized. This is expected to begin from 21:00 UTC 14 Sept.
  • Deposit confirmations will be increased to 1,000 around the time of the upgrade.
  • We strongly recommend you refrain from depositing ETH before the Merge. Confirmations will be resumed to a normal level once the network stabilizes.

Trading at Coinmetro During the Merge

We do not expect any disruption to trading during the upcoming Ethereum Mainnet Merge. However, please be mindful of the additional volatility that may persist during this period and the impact this can have on liquidity.

After the Fork

  • If the Ethereum Mainnet Merge is uncontested, and no new token is created, Coinmetro will aim to resume deposit and withdrawal services as soon as the network stabilizes.
  • If the Ethereum Mainnet Merge is contested and results in a chain split, Coinmetro will support the dominant chain with no new tokens being immediately listed.
  • Any potential new token listing on Coinmetro will be reviewed by our listing committee.      

Crypto Is Not Slowing Down

Exciting times indeed, as the change is heralding a better way forward for the entire on-chain and tokenized future. The Merge is also bound to speed up global crypto adoption, as some roadblocks will be addressed, regarding sustainability, speed, security and scalability.

Take a moment to get knowledgeable about this important change by going through these articles we recently published:

  • Ethereum Merge: What Do We Know?
  • The Ethereum Merge Roadmap in Brief

As always, our 24/7 live support team is well aware of the upcoming change and is prepared for any inquiries or situations that might occur. Feel free to reach out if you need help or more information.

Stay in-the-zone with Coinmetro! We have some major innovations ourselves already scheduled and they will be announced soon. We are looking forward to sharing it all with you and hearing your thoughts about it. In the meantime, if you are not already a member, join our Discord and Telegram channels for useful and knowledgeable discussions about the Ethereum Merge and what not. Keep it Coinmetro!



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