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FLUX – The Next-Generation Computational Network

by Kamil S


The World’s Largest Decentralized Web3 System

Early last year we introduced FLUX on the Coinmetro exchange, providing access to a token that is instrumental in the development of a new generation of scalable, decentralized cloud infrastructure. Let’s take a look at how FLUX shapes the Web3 space and how you can benefit from it if you haven’t already.

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The New Web3 for a Decentralized Internet

Simply put, Flux provides the critical, high availability infrastructure for the “New” Internet. It allows users to simply develop, manage, and spawn your applications on multiple servers at once. Being a comprehensive suite of decentralized computing services and blockchain-as-a-service solutions, the Flux ecosystem consists of:

  • The world’s largest decentralized Web3 computational network to date. FluxNodes’ decentralized infrastructure consists of more than 12k FluxNodes located all around the world, providing around 75.000+ vCores of CPU power, 228.19 terabytes of RAM and 5.11+ petabytes of storage
  • Zelcore self-custody multi-asset wallet and blockchain app suite – self-custodial wallet for PC and mobile with in-wallet integration of major centralized and decentralized exchanges. 
  • Flux blockchain for on-chain governance, economics, and parallel assets to provide interoperability with other blockchains and DeFi access.

Flux makes up one important piece of a well-balanced distributed computing portfolio focused on the next generation of the Internet. More precisely, projects and development teams are not forced to rely on the Flux blockchain to utilize FluxOS, so they have access to necessary infrastructure while maintaining all the unique properties of their own chains.

A Community Driven Independent Project 

Flux is an open-source, community driven and independent project without any outside investors. In essence, the FLUX token is fairly distributed without any pre-mined coins or distributions for others than holders, miners and node operators. The project is highly committed to building a true decentralized future by staying independent and continually pushing for innovation and disruption in blockchain technology. The Flux economic system revolves around the people, incentivizing holders, GPU miners and node operators through airdrops, mining and node rewards. Node operators are also able to earn additional cryptocurrencies through paid partnerships and paid app hosting.

A Gateway to Leveraging the Power of Multiple Blockchains

If you are one of the many users already taking advantage, then you know that innovation and expansion are key factors in the Flux network. The new economic model comes with a strong approach to DeFi and Web 3.0. To support this, Flux has implemented a mechanism of parallel assets that will live on other blockchains, capitalizing on the beneficial features of each blockchain without depending on any of them.

If you are only now becoming familiar with this significant ecosystem, it’s important to keep in mind that Flux consists of much more than we can cover in this blog. We encourage you to further discover the importance of this project by digging deeper into the many layers of its innovative system. Nowadays, Flux has become a major stepping stone in the advancement of blockchain technology and Web3 expansion.

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Financial Literacy as a Way of Life

In our effort to provide the most groundbreaking tools and solutions to our users, partnering up and listing FLUX on Coinmetro was a natural step in our collective evolution. In recent months, driven by a strong desire to better integrate the project and offer you more value in the process, we have included FLUX into our MARs program (Multi-Asset Rewards). You can now receive FLUX rewards by staking XCM on the Coinmetro platform. Prior to this, late last year we introduced FLUX Parallel Assets Distribution, where users receive airdrop rewards by staking FLUX on our Coinmetro platform.

These genuine financial products are complex and ingenious in the way they are structured to bring value to users, but simple and accessible enough for everybody to join in and start earning immediately. At Coinmetro, we’re driven to integrate the best crypto solutions and offer you economic agility at a click of a button. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our platform and get familiar with the Flux project and other novel solutions designed for your financial well-being.



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