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Product Update, July 2023

by Kamil S.

Coinmetro Product Update, July 2023

NEW Listings, Margin Pairs, Flexible Staking Plans, and FLUX Rewards Distribution

Coinmetro's July Product Update brings an array of exciting announcements and features designed to elevate both your investment journey and product experience. 

With new listings, fresh margin pairs, flexible staking plans, and improvements to app onboarding and wallet management, we continue to prioritize innovation and user satisfaction. Moreover, this month we will distribute the FLUX Airdrop rewards to all eligible users. Let's dive in!

New listings

We have taken our time to carefully consider the next listings on Coinmetro. This month, we are thrilled to announce the addition of several new crypto assets to our platform. Stay tuned as we will be unveiling these exciting additions in the coming weeks, enabling you to explore fresh investment opportunities and diversify your holdings.

Listing New Assers & Margin Pairs at Coinmetro

Fresh Margin pairs

To enhance your trading flexibility, we are introducing a broader selection of pairs on our Margin trading platform. Going long or short becomes even more lucrative with our expanded margin offerings, allowing you to take advantage regardless of market sentiment. We believe margin trading is key, particularly during bear markets, as it opens doors to profitable opportunities when no coins and tokens are going #tothemoon. Prepare to maximize your trading potential with our enriched margin trading options.

Flexible Staking plans

You have been asking for this! Coinmetro's new staking structure brings forth flexible plans, designed to provide predictability and stability in earnings. These plans connect with our existing and future products and services, allowing you to earn rewards both actively and passively. By participating in our Fixed Staking Plans, you can enjoy a higher Annual Percentage Return (APR), that has little rivalry in the crypto space. Stay close as we will be introducing this innovative approach soon, and get ready to be rewarded for your engagement.

Staking plans product update July 2023

Flux Airdrop rewards distribution

In addition to the exciting updates mentioned above, we have good news for FLUX token holders. This month, we will be distributing FLUX Airdrop rewards to all eligible participants. Distribution announcement coming swiftly!

Flux Airdrop distribution in July 2023 on Coinmetro

More updates on Mobile App Wallet & onboarding process

Wallets Update on Mobile

We are delighted to update the ‘Wallets’ page on mobile to the new ‘Assets’ destination. The refined interface enhances the convenience and user-friendliness of managing your digital assets on the go. Balances are now shown separately by activity (i.e. Exchange orders), making it much easier to see where everything is. To quote Oliver from the Product Live;
“...the best wallets or assets page in the crypto space” - Oliver

New mobile screens for Coinmetro App, product update July 2023

Mobile App Onboarding

We understand the importance of a seamless onboarding experience for new users. That's why we have revamped the Know Your Customer (KYC) process specifically for our Mobile App. The optimized onboarding flow ensures a smooth and straightforward experience, enabling new users to easily join Coinmetro and start trading instantly.

Mobile App onboarding product update Coinmetro 2023

What else? Get a first impression of all of the above and more by watching Oliver Goble’s Product Update session that was aired yesterday. Watch our Head of Product as he dives deep into what’s keeping the team busy during this hot summer.

As always, your support and valuable feedback are instrumental to the Coinmetro journey. Thank you for being part of our community, and let us know what you think of the new updates, as we strive to build an exceptional platform for all your cryptocurrency needs. Stay tuned for more exciting news and enhancements in the future.

Keep it Coinmetro!


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