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Existing platforms are failing to meet the needs of users.

  • Difficult to use, not accessible to the mainstream.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Limited support for fiat/crypto.
  • Lack of investment tools.
  • Long wait times, high fees, unstable uptime.
  • Lack of liquidity for growing number of ERC-20 tokens.
  • Failure to adapt to regulatory changes.

What the news is saying:

The most popular online exchange for trading digital currencies is generating a surge in customer complaints this year even as investors are lured by a dramatic rise in prices. – Bloomberg, April 30, 2017
Users of the digital exchanges saw slowed performance on the websites, and, in some cases, couldn’t log into their accounts. – Business Insider, Nov. 29 2017
Digital currency exchange operators Coinbase and Bitfinex reported problems with service through their websites on Tuesday, frustrating traders seeking to cash in on the latest surge in the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. – Reuters, Dec. 12, 2017

What users are saying:

CoinMetro Ecosystem Solution:

One easy-to-use platform that does everything, designed for mainstream adoption.

Fast, easy, and secure way to buy, sell, and trade crypto.
User-focused trading environment designed to meet the needs of beginners and pro traders.
Investment Platform
Innovative investment models. Diversification options with ETCF’s. Managed accounts with TAM.
ICO Express Framework
Deploy smart contracts and launch custom tokens with a few clicks.

Exchange Platform

Easy, accessible services that users actually want. Real customer support. Proactive approach to regulations.

  • Fast & Scalable
  • Secure
  • Low transaction fees and profit sharing to makers.
  • Off-chain transactions and Atomic SWAP like options
  • Emphasis on regulatory compliance
*Collaboration with FXPIG enables our Token Buyback program, designed to support long term value of COIN and maintain stability on the exchange.

Trading Platform

  • User-friendly interface; accessible to beginners
  • Advanced tool set designed for professional traders
  • Customizable charting & analytics
  • Up to 1:50 leverage on non-deliverable OTC digital assets
  • Matching engine supports standard and non-standard order types.
  • Easy lending options.

Investment Platform

Taking proven trading models from traditional finance and adapting them to the digital asset economy.

TAM – Tokenized Asset Management

Based on a successful managed account model we created at FXPIG, TAM is designed to let anyone partner with a pro trader to grow their portfolio.

  • Professional asset managers get a unique personal token.
  • Investors buy these tokens backed by a manager’s trading performance
  • Low transaction fees and profit sharing to makers.
  • Managers earn a percentage of their overall gains based on the high-watermark principle, similar to a commission; investors benefit based on the growth of their investment.

ECTFs : Electronically Traded Crypto Funds

Like ETFs, but for crypto.
  • Diversify into baskets of digital assets curated by our team.
  • Easily invest in multiple tokens with one click.
  • Enter into markets like healthcare, IoT, or fintech.
  • Invest in funds based on risk profile, or factors like social media influencer scores of tokens grouped inside the fund.
  • ECTF’s bring liquidity to ERC20 tokens.
CoinMetro is partnering with a leading ICO rating site that will provide ratings, like the “big three” do for mutual funds, so that investors will have an idea of the risk ratings of each product.

ICO Express Framework

A complete turnkey solution for ICO’s

  • Vetted ICO’s can issue smart contracts & tokens with a few clicks.
  • Tokens are immediately liquid and tradable on the exchange after a successful ICO.
  • Possible inclusion in our ETCF Board for added liquidity.
  • White labelling opportunities for enterprise clients.
  • Integration with NEM, ETH, and NEO blockchains.
  • Larger Token Sale Investors get first access to new tokens minted inside the platform.

Platform Comparison Chart

CoinMetro offers many services within one platform.

Fiat and Crypto Exchange Complete Investment Platform Turnkey ICO Services Off Chain or `Atomic SWAPs` ERC20 Liquidity Solutions Multi-CCY Margin Lending Tokenized Asset Options
CoinMetro Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Binance No No No No No Limited No
Bitfinex Yes No No No No Limited No
Crypto20 No Limited No No No No Yes
Trade.io Yes No No No No No No

Revenue model

All platform fees are charged in the base currency of the underlying operation but converted, on our exchange, and paid to us in our COIN (XCM) token, thus increasing demand for the token as platform usage accelerates:
  • Default per operation revenue of 0.1%.This is on all exchange operations, all TAM token purchases or sale, on all ETCF purchases or sales, on all ICO Express token purchases, etc.


CoinMetro Roadmap
Feb 2018 Token Sale starts
March 2018 Exchange Launch (beta)
April 2018 Expanded licensing & COIN tradable on CoinMetro Exchange
July 2018 CM debit card launch & Full PSP services
July 2018 ICO Express launch
October 2018 ETCF launch
October 2018 TAM Platform launch


  • In-house token (XCM) for discounted fees and other services
  • Token Buyback Program
  • Burns percentage of tokens
  • Supports crypto & fiat deposits/withdrawals
  • Supports wide variety of standard and non-standard order types
  • Lending options
  • Offers leverage
  • Diversification options with ETCF’s (like ETF’s for crypto)
  • Managed accounts with TAM
  • Highly customizable charting tools with drag-and-drop functionality and robust analytics
  • Complete Turnkey ICO Express framework


  • In-house token (BNB) for discounted fees over 4 year period
  • Token Buyback Program
  • Burns percentage of tokens
  • Only supports crypto deposits/withdrawals
  • Supports some standard order types
  • No Lending options
  • No leverage
  • No ETF-like options
  • No managed accounts
  • Offers some analytic charting tools, not easily customizable
  • Lab offering some pre-ICO tools
  • Launchpad offering some ICO tools

Our stance is that regulation is not only inevitable it is welcomed and needed for the industry to achieve mass adoption.

CoinMetro will be progressive when it comes to regulation. Looking to acquire Crypto specific licenses and licenses where we feel regulators will package crypto in the near future, speculating that the same thing that happened in the FX markets in the early 2000’s will happen in the Crypto Space.

Hong KongThe base of our token sale and future Asia hub for the CoinMetro Group of Companies.
Georgia – TbilisiAwaiting approval of an eMoney registration with the National Bank of Georgia. No tax in GE on reinvested profits.
Estonia – TallinnThe EU arm and base for the exchange. Currently awaiting approval on an eWallet as well as a Fiat to Crypto Exchange license. Our gateway to EU bank relationships.

Why now?

Interest in crypto is at an all time high. Current exchange platforms lack support for a growing user base.

CoinMetro is the way forward.

Join the Movement

While crypto may be what powers this train, feedback and insight from our base is what keeps us on track. We want to hear from you even if it’s just to say hello. Help us change this industry for the better, join the movement, let your voice be heard.

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