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Levels Terms of Service

1. Scope and General Provisions

1.1 The terms and conditions herein govern the business relationship regarding the Coinmetro Levels Program (“Levels”) between Coinmetro OÜ (“Coinmetro”) and its customers (“Levels Terms of Service”).

1.2 Levels is the built-in feature on the Coinmetro Platform, wherein customers accrue points (“Points”) through specified activities and are awarded corresponding benefits upon reaching each level.

1.3 The customer is automatically enrolled in the Levels upon creating a Coinmetro Account.

1.4 By using the Coinmetro Services, the customer agrees to comply with Levels Terms of Service as well as with Coinmetro General Terms of Service (available under https://coinmetro.com/terms-of-use), the Coinmetro Privacy Policy (available under https://coinmetro.com/privacy-policy) and any specific terms of Coinmetro Services that constitute the entire agreement between Coinmetro and the customer. For the avoidance of doubt, unless specified differently in these Levels Terms of Service, the relationship between the Company and a customer is governed by the Company’s General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

1.5 Unless otherwise defined under these Levels Terms of Service, capitalized terms used herein shall bear the meanings ascribed to them in the Coinmetro General Terms of Service.

1.6 There are no additional costs associated with the participation in the Levels.

2. Amendments

2.1 Coinmetro reserves the unilateral right to modify the Levels Terms of Service at any time at its sole discretion and commits to notify customers about any such changes.

2.2 As the Levels is the exclusive voluntary initiative of Coinmetro, Coinmetro reserves the right to discontinue or replace it with a different benefits program at its discretion at any time. In the event of such discontinuation or replacement, all accrued benefits will be appropriately distributed to the customers. Coinmetro commits to notify customers about any discontinuation or replacement of the Levels. 

3. Tax

3.1 It is the customer's responsibility to determine whether, and to what extent, any taxes apply to any benefits under the Levels and to withhold, collect, report, and remit the correct amounts of taxes to the appropriate tax authorities. Coinmetro will never be liable for any tax liabilities, levies or other charges in connection with Levels benefits to customers.

4. Levels

4.1 All customers are entitled to receive benefits, as outlined in Annex 1 below, provided they reach the required level.

4.2 The customer can reach a certain level by earning Points awarded for certain activities within Coinmetro Platform and depending on certain factors, such as the trading and investment activity on Coinmetro Platform or other criteria, as further set out in Annex 1.

4.3 Levels includes a mechanism of boosts, which serve as a multiplier for Points earned by the customer (“Boost” or “Boosts”). Based on certain qualifying criteria outlined in Annex 1, the customer may activate different Boosts that multiply their Points, thereby facilitating a faster progression through the levels.

4.4 The customer acknowledges that system delays in updating the customer's level may occur. Benefits corresponding to the next level will accrue only after the system has registered the customer’s eligibility that may not happen instantly. The customer acknowledges that said delay in level transition may take up to 24 hours. Coinmetro is not liable for any discrepancies in Points or benefits during this transition, nor is Coinmetro obliged to compensate for any Points or benefits anticipated by the customer under the assumption of a higher level, if that level was not yet recognized by the system.

4.5 Customer’s levels, Points or benefits are non-transferable and solely intended for the use of the registered Coinmetro Account holder. The levels, Points and benefits are intended to recognize and reflect the individual achievements and the unique success of each customer.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Any benefits (for the purpose of this section 5. benefits mean any Points, levels, discounts or any other benefits) provided under the Levels, whether planned or contingent, are offered voluntarily by Coinmetro. Consequently, the customer shall not possess any claims against Coinmetro and/or its Affiliates in relation to such benefits. Nevertheless, benefits that have already been received or earned by the customer are irrevocable and cannot be reclaimed by Coinmetro, except as specified in sections 5.3. and 5.4 of Levels Terms of Service.

5.2 The customer shall not possess any right to demand from Coinmetro the cash redemption or substitution of equivalent value for any benefits earned or awarded through the Levels.

5.3 If Coinmetro uncovers an erroneous transaction in connection to the Levels benefits or Points accrual that was caused by a system failure or any other reason, Coinmetro has the right to correct the error regardless of whether it is beneficial to Coinmetro or a customer. Where, due to such an error, any customer receives more benefits or Points than the amount that such a customer should have received, Coinmetro reserves the right to reclaim falsely obtained benefits or Points from the customer (if they are refundable), and the customer shall return the benefits or Points in question or perform other operations in accordance with Coinmetro’s instructions to the customer. In the event that the customer uncovers such an erroneous transaction, the customer is required to promptly notify Coinmetro of such an occurrence. The customer acknowledges that Coinmetro will not assume liability for any losses, damages or responsibilities caused directly or indirectly by any such erroneous transaction.

5.4 Coinmetro reserves the right to revoke any benefits improperly accrued by the customer through misconduct, including but not limited to market manipulation, exploitation of system vulnerabilities, or the deployment of automated trading strategies. Should such breaches occur, Coinmetro reserves the right to discontinue the service relationship with a customer involved in such activities. Coinmetro will incur no liability from these actions, whereas the customer may face liability for any harm or losses caused to Coinmetro or a third party as a result of such misconduct.


Until further notice customers are entitled to the benefits set out in this Annex 1. Any benefits and the eligibility criteria to receive benefits may be delayed, changed or amended by Coinmetro anytime.

1. Levels

1.1 The Levels has eight levels.

1.2 The following activities are awarded with Points:

1.2.1 Trading on Exchange: 1 Point is awarded for every EUR equivalent in volume generated by trades on Coinmetro Exchange Platform;

1.2.2 Margin Trading: 1 Point is awarded for every EUR equivalent in volume generated by trades on Margin Platform;

1.2.3 Swap: 2 Points are awarded for every EUR equivalent in volume generated by transactions on Swap.

1.3 The customer has the opportunity to earn more Points by activating Points multipliers through different Boosts.

1.3.1 By staking XCM on Coinmetro Platform the customer activates the XCM Boost (“XCM Boost”). Once customer stakes XCM, all new earned Points will be multiplied depending on the amount of staked XCM as follows:

1.3.2 Points will be boosted while the XCM staking program is active. The moment the XCM staking program expires or is canceled, newly received Points will not be boosted.

1.4 Coinmetro reserves the right to manually adjust Points within the Levels, either by adding or subtracting Points as deemed appropriate. The customer acknowledges that any Points added in this manner will not be subject to any Boosts that may be active at the time of the adjustment.

1.5 The customer can monitor their Points, review received and utilized benefits, and access other details of their personal achievements in their Account.

2. Levels Benefits

2.1 The benefits of the Levels depend on the level reached by the customer. 

2.2 Within the Levels, the сustomer is entitled to one Free Swap per month, applicable to the transaction up to the volume of EUR 100 or its equivalent. The customer acknowledges that this benefit is automatically applied to the first qualifying Swap made within any monthly cycle. For the avoidance of doubt, this benefit is not cumulative; the customer is not allotted a total Swap volume of EUR 100 to use throughout the month, but may execute a single Swap of up to EUR 100 or its equivalent, free of charge. Should a customer utilize the Free Swap, it remains marked as used until the end of the monthly cycle even if the customer is up- or downgraded  in levels within the same monthly cycle, i.e. the benefit will not be reset.

2.3 The maker fees applicable under level 7 and level 8 are credited as a bonus. Customers are advised that this bonus is not guaranteed income and should not be considered as a form of earning. The availability and conditions of the bonus are subject to change at the discretion of Coinmetro.

3. Decay of Points

3.1 Points earned by the customer automatically decay daily. The rate of decay depends on the customer's current level. Higher levels undergo a greater decay. The daily decay rates per level are detailed in the table under section 2.1.

3.2 Once the level is unlocked, the customer should consistently earn Points to maintain or advance their current level and to offset the daily decay. If the Points accrual does not meet the current level’s requirements over time, this will result in a downgrade to a lower level.

3.3 For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of a downgrade to a lower level, the decay rate from a previous (higher) level continues to apply until the transition to a lower level is finalised. For example, if a customer at level 2 with 5,100 Points experiences a decay event, it results in a loss of 500 Points, reducing the customer's total to 4,600 Points. Only from this moment will the decay rate applicable to the lower level begin to apply.

3.4 Level 8, the highest level within the Levels, features a maximum Points cap of 100,000,000 Points. Upon reaching this threshold, no further Points can be accrued by the customer. Nonetheless, Points remain subject to daily decay even after the Points cap is reached.