No One Wants to Miss this Train

Community involvement is an important aspect to the crypto ecosystem, it drives adoption, which drives innovation, which fuels growth. We here at CoinMetro are looking for Brand Ambassadors to bring our brand and its mantra of simplifying crypto to the world at large.
There are several benefits of becoming a CoinMetro Brand Ambassador. First, you will receive 5% of all COIN (XCM) your referees have purchased. For example, if your referee purchases 1,000,000 XCM, you will receive 50,000 XCM to your CoinMetro COIN wallet. To participate in the CoinMetro Ambassador Program you will need a CoinMetro account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free.
Open account and ask for Ambassadorship Once the request is accepted, you will receive a unique identifier code (UID) and accompanying URL. Use this URL to direct your audience to buy coin tokens at CoinMetro Social Media Pages Social Media Groups and Communities Messaging Platforms Forums Direct Invites for Friends Other Channels You will receive 5% of the total coin sold to your referred clients and as an added incentive your network will be given a 2.5% bonus in COIN, on their first purchase when using your unique url. 5%
All COIN earned as a part of the Ambassador Program will be deposited to your COIN wallet immediately as your client’s make their purchases. The client-side one-time bonus of 2.5% is also paid immediately following their initial purchase. The final COIN value will depend on the number of COIN sold at both the Pre-Sale and main Token Sale Events. Should all 300,000,000 of the available tokens be sold the COIN value will sit at 0.15 Euro Cents prior to it’s listing on our Exchange in April of 2018.

We are extremely excited to announce that CoinMetro’s pre-Token sale goals were met 12 days ahead of schedule!
Also, we have now completed our 3rd Flash Sale, adding over 800 more unique contributors bringing the total to almost 5000 who have climbed on board so far. We’ve far exceeded pre-sale numbers with an additional 4.1 Million Euro raised in our first three 24 hour Flash Sales, as we ramp up to our main sale Starting 21st February.

During the course of the pre-token sale, beginning on December 21, 2017, we raised €3,039,986.73, surpassing our €3,000,000 goal and selling all 50,000,000 XCM allotted to the pre-sale. During our first 3 Flash Sales we have far exceeding the pre-sale target in a fraction of the time, reaching well over €7,100,000.00 in total contributions from almost 5000 people, and we are yet to really get under way!

FOMO? Fear not!…We’ll be opening up the remaining €0.11 priced COIN for another time-limited Flash Sale this coming Wednesday 12 noon GMT…Make sure to join our Telegram community, for continuous updates at CoinMetro and the announcement of our next Flash Sale password!

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While crypto may be what powers this train, feedback and insight from our base is what keeps us on track. We want to hear from you even if it’s just to say hello. Help us change this industry for the better, join the movement, let your voice be heard.

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