XCM Staking Boost – Black Friday Special


Double APR = Double Profits


We have kept this idea for December to clear the smoke after a challenging year and make it worth the wait. We have a Black Friday special XCM Boost with double APR (annual percentage return). 

Buy and stake XCM between 25.11.2022 08:01 am UTC and 27.11.2022 11:59 pm UTC and you get a 100% additional boost on your staked XCM. In plain English: you earn double the annual percentage return with this special offer. The double APR bonus will be available for every XCM staking program set up in this time interval. No Coinmetroid should miss this!


A Better Income Stream

We are always cooking innovative crypto products and financial plans that can make a difference for you. That difference is in your pocket. This difficult year has put a lot of pressure on the markets and on every single wallet and portfolio out there. People need valuable investment plans that can get them ahead of inflation. Our solid XCM Staking plan is now twice as good with the 100% increase in APR, offering you double earnings. This is a great opportunity for you to drive more value to your portfolio, and a unique mechanism that will increase the deflationary character of XCM.


What You Need to Know

Here’s how this campaign is structured:


  • The Black Friday special offer is only available for a short time interval, starting 25.11.2022 08:01 am UTC until 27.11.2022 11:59 pm UTC.
  • Your staking rewards will be doubled only for XCM bought or deposited to Coinmetro between 22 Nov – 27 Nov. This also includes assets bought in the past that have been stored on a cold wallet and deposited on Coinmetro in this time interval.  Any XCM currently in your balance that has been acquired prior to 22 Nov does not qualify for this promo.
  • This special promo does not impact Multi-Asset Rewards (MARs). The other assets included in XCM’s Multi-Asset Rewards are not included in this campaign.
  • The staking returns are calculated based on each respective staking tier:


1 month 3-month 6-month 12-month
up to 4.0%* up to 5.6%* up to 7.2%* up to 10.0%*


*APR for ICO tier, maximum level


If good investment is what you’re looking for, you don’t want to sleep on this offer. Join the special Black Friday XCM Staking Boost and alert your fellow Coinmetroids so they can join in and benefit as well! 

Passive income plans is one particular area where traditional investment is consistently failing to understand its customers, offering paper-thin annual returns on savings accounts. So thin, in fact, that inflation outruns the profits. You now have the chance to embark on a unique investment system that has little-to-no competition. 


Join the Black Friday XCM Staking Boost NOW!


Additional FAQs

  • The APR depends on the length of the staking program, volume and tier.
  • Only XCM which was bought or deposited to Coinmetro account between 22 Nov – 27 Nov qualifies to get a staking boost during promo.
  • If anyone withdraws XCM in this time interval and then makes a deposit later – those assets will not be qualified to get a staking boost.
  • If anyone terminates the current XCM staking program and would like to start the new staking program during activation – that XCM is not qualified to get a boost. Such users will get a penalty for terminating the current staking program, and will not get a promo boost if relaunching the new program.
  • If anyone withdrew XCM prior to the campaign (for example last month) and now they are transferring it back to their Coinmetro account between 22 Nov – 27 Nov, that XCM will be qualified to get a staking boost.
  • If anyone buys XCM on Uniswap and transfers it to their Coinmetro account, that XCM will be qualified to get a staking boost.


Read more about the Black Friday XCM Staking Boost.


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