XCM Utility – The Coinmetro Ecosystem

XCM Utility

We have groundbreaking news about the XCM utility! Over the course of 2019, we dedicated our efforts into building a complete and integrated ecosystem for our native token. We’re excited to share the results of our hard work – the XCM Ecosystem is stronger than ever! Keep reading to learn more!

Maximize Your Benefits within the Ecosystem

CoinMetro created a complete ecosystem with great value for XCM holders.  The token is tied to all orders that occur on the exchange. Utilizing XCM holdings and being active on the platform enhances the holders’ benefits. Let’s take a look at some examples:


All exchange fees collected by CoinMetro are used to buy XCM back from the order book using market orders. As the platform usage increases, so will the demand for XCM, more products and services will be coming soon which include XCM utility.


1-50% of every XCM purchase with exchange fee revenue will be sent to the XCM Utility Vault (a cold wallet) with a 4 year lock. This will decrease available supply for this period, with a vision to relock these tokens in the future. 


XCM holders can lock in XCM to join 1 of 3 tiers that offer a wide range of benefits. Holders will earn from an increased maker bonus when using maker orders (limit orders that add liquidity). The maker bonus is paid from the gross taker fee – taker pays 0.1% and maker earns up to 0.05%. The benefits also include earning rebates on fees paid and having early access to products, services and token issuances.


Traders using TraM are required to lock in 10,000 XCM for the entire duration the TraM is open. All followers are required to lock in 500 XCM for a ticket to follow the trade mirror. In addition, the performance fees are paid in XCM – TraM managers can select a performance fee ranging from 5-25% on high water mark profits and CoinMetro will collect a 1-5% fee respectively in XCM. TraM brings in traffic for XCM – the more TraM managers join the platform, the more followers will join as well.


All ambassador bonuses are credited in XCM. When you refer a new user, you will both receive €5 euro worth of XCM each, once the referred user deposits €50 AND trades €250 worth of volume. To learn more about the affiliate program, click here.


There are no fees when buying XCM

We are looking forward to seeing the increase in XCM adoption!  Moreover, we’ll of course keep up the hard work to move crypto forward.

Now it’s time for you to check out all this XCM utility for yourself! Head over to our platform and start locking XCM to take advantage of our many bonuses! In case you have any further questions about our platform, our support team is available 24/7 to help you out.