wKDA: Introducing Wrapped Kadena


The latest product of the CoinMetro + Kadena Collaboration is here. Introducing Wrapped Kadena! Let’s take a deeper look at what wKDA means for CoinMetro and the KDA community.

What is wKDA?

First of all, we need to know a little about Kadena itself. This website is full of blog posts to help you learn everything you need to know about the Kadena network and the KDA coin. CoinMetro & Kadena have been working closely together to open up access to KDA, and create the best experience possible for CoinMetro users.

We’ve already accomplished so much together. CoinMetro users enjoy free KDA deposits and withdrawals, allowing you to keep your earnings! There’s also the complete wallet integration which supports all blockchains on the network. KDA Staking (simplified bonding) was a major success! We’re working offer that incredible opportunity again soon. Most recently, CoinMetro announced support for k: accounts, the new protocol from Kadena. Our next goal was to bring KDA to the Ethereum ecosystem.

k: accounts

Enter Wrapped Kadena, also known as wKDA. To help us with this ambitious project, we joined forces with Wrapped.

A core initiative of the Kadena team is to connect the network to multiple assets & chains throughout the cryptocurrency space. This is the core idea behind Wrapped Kadena. wKDA opens up access to the Ethereum blockchain and the world of DeFi. It increases exposure for KDA on a massive scale, via it’s “wrapped” form. Wrapped Kadena is backed 1:1 by it’s underlying asset, KDA.

Exclusively at CoinMetro

Because of our close partnership with Kadena, CoinMetro proud to be the only platform in the world to swap your KDA directly for wKDA, and vice versa. Therefore, CoinMetro is the bridge between Kadena and the ecosystem of decentralized finance on the Ethereum blockchain. This process is quick & easy! Traders can swap for wKDA straight from the account dashboard on the CoinMetro website or mobile app.

Ready to jump in? Sign up for a CoinMetro account and start trading wKDA today!