Why Trade the CoinMetro Token? Top Three Reasons


You have most likely noticed the CoinMetro token on our platform. It is a utility token with great potential. But, so are many others. So, what makes XCM so special? Check out the top three aspects and find out why trade the CoinMetro token!

Why Trade the CoinMetro Token – an Introduction

Before we get into the details, let’s have a look at some basic definitions. XCM, or the CoinMetro token, is an ERC-20 utility token. It is the native token used on the CoinMetro crypto exchange and trading platforms. All service fees on our platforms are paid for in XCM. Your XCM tokens can safely be stored in your CoinMetro account, but it is also possible to withdraw your XCM to any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

What Makes the CoinMetro Token Special?

When creating our native token, we wanted to build something that offers true value. Essentially, the purpose of XCM is to offer benefits and value to CoinMetro users. We are continuously expanding the use cases with all of CoinMetro’s existing and upcoming products. So, how does this value proposition translate into reality?

CoinMetro token is integrated into all of CoinMetro’s products and services. Our token is tied into every transaction and interaction that occurs on the exchange. This is a massive factor for creating sustainable growth and demand for XCM. We are continuously working on ensuring there is value in holding and utilizing XCM.

If you would like to read more about how XCM works, check out our blog post on the CoinMetro Token.

Why Trade XCM?

Now that you know a bit more about the CoinMetro token, let’s get into specifics. Here are the top three reasons for trading XCM. Ready to be convinced?

One Token for the Whole Ecosystem

The CoinMetro token is not just a stand-alone crypto token you can trade in hopes of earning profits. It is tied to all orders that occur on the CoinMetro exchange. Utilizing XCM holdings and being active on the platform enhances the holders’ benefits. In other words, all of the fees for our services are collected in XCM. This means that as the usage of our products like margin trading and copy trading increases, so does the demand for XCM.

Bright Future Ahead

The crypto market is developing at a rapid pace. And we love it – that’s what makes the industry so compelling. But this also means that constant innovation and improvement are essential in staying competitive. So, we are investing largely in developing future use cases for XCM to make sure the holders will continue to reap the benefits. For example, we just launched our security token platform where you can invest in STOs, bonds and digital assets.

Your Funds Are Safe

Trust and safety are essential when talking about any kind of investment. This is particularly relevant when discussing crypto investments, since the past has made many traders cautious. Topics like which assets to invest into and what platform should be used play an important role in guaranteeing the safety of funds. CoinMetro is a fully licensed exchange and we take pride in respecting regulations. We believe that crypto adoption can scale only when working together with regulators, not against them. 

Now that you know all about why trade the CoinMetro token, why not start trading it? Head over to our crypto exchange and see what it has to offer!