Guest Post: Why I Believe in Crypto


I believe in Crypto because it has the unprecedented potential to give a voice to the voiceless.

For far too long now, disenfranchised people around the world have had to resolve themselves to the unfair social order created by governments and people with power far exceeding theirs.

When we live in a world where billions of people either live in poverty, and/or have their money reduced to less value than the paper it’s printed on, something is undoubtedly deeply wrong. When we have a concept like “the 1%,” when universal healthcare is still debated, when people aren’t able to have full control of their own finances, identities, and medical records because of where they happened to be born – we need to find a solution.

In my opinion, cryptocurrency is one such solution, as it offers practical frameworks to even the playing field in a number of key areas. For example, digital currencies like Bitcoin give people in inflation-ridden countries like Venezuela, Iran, and South Sudan the opportunity to own a form of money that has as much value in their countries as it does in any other (with 1 BTC in Venezuela worth 1 BTC in the US worth 1 BTC in Japan, and so on).

Other blockchain projects setting forth to shake up the status quo include cryptocurrency projects like OmiseGO, who are spearheading banking services to the roughly 2 billion unbanked people in the world. Whereas projects like Civic and TheKey are working towards the goal of a more egalitarian future through the provision of digital identity services.

To demonstrate the importance of identity for civic and political development, it was even included in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16, with the requirement for member countries to ensure every citizen has a legal form of identity by 2020. Having a record of your identity, after all, impacts access to human rights such as education, health, and voting rights, to name a few. 

Of course, there are far, far more applications cryptocurrency and blockchain technology offers – with these just representing a few of the most pertinent for the world’s voiceless.

It is my belief that cryptocurrency gives hope that one day, regardless of where a person was born, they will be able to freely exercise the basic rights many of us take for granted. It paves the path for the voices of the many to be heard at long last – louder than the screams of a few.

by Monica Mizzi

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