Guest Post: Why I Believe in Crypto


To believe is to accept a statement as true. And so, I intend to prove that Blockchain is the evolution of the Internet. “Decentralized” and “trustless” are buzz words that start one down the rabbit hole, and, for once, the buzz is true.

I believe in crypto because I know that man will always make mistakes. And when it comes to the intricate mechanics of business, politics, and social institutions, we have come to the point where human error has a high cost. From Equifax hack to rigged elections, we see everyday problems solved through Blockchain. How? No more human error.

To quote a Greek philosopher Plato, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And I don’t see anything more necessary than security. When banking information is available on the world wide web, a place where anyone can gain access to our private information, we become vulnerable, and security becomes a priority. Blockchain is the protection we need, to guarantee our privacy.

Now, with technology advancing at an increasing speed, it is clear that humans will not keep up. So we need Blockchain out of necessity. Online trade continues to grow, and native tokens are the inevitable outcome, ushering in the network effect, which had tremendous potential, not only in value but with reach. Never, before the Internet, could a forum gather people from all around the world. After all, Blockchain stands for community. And I believe it is necessary for all communities to have a currency.

To conclude, Blockchain will relieve mankind of human error, to protect our online information and identity, and to facilitate the needs of an online community that continues to grow each day. Now, regulations and standards are being set to protect individuals, and this is all part of the natural process of the Internet’s evolution. I believe in crypto because it is the natural evolution of the Internet.

by TheRedPen

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