Why Are We Still Talking About Gender in Crypto?


Instead of an inherently boring introduction, have a quick look at the two charts below:

This is exactly why we are still talking about male dominance in crypto.

It’s All About Gender

Gender equality is a tricky topic. As long as there is woman and man, we will be talking about sexual (in)equality. Our society has been forcing gender roles for thousands of years, and women have been fighting back – rightfully so.

The women’s fight for equality can spiral out of proportion, and feminism sometimes goes to the extremes. As long as gender issues are reasoned and justified, however, they must be addressed.

Crypto Patriarchal Society

The percentage of women in crypto is far lower than that of men, which could be confirmed by statistical data. The statistics are devastating. For example, at the North American Bitcoin Conference, there were only 3 women out of the 88 speakers.

A joint survey conducted by Survey Monkey and the Global Blockchain Business Council found that 71% of Bitcoin owners are men, and more than half are millennials aged between 18 and 34.

The Financial Times reported that Uphold, a cryptocurrency wallet service that accommodates several digital currencies, has a customer base that is 75% male.

Wait for it! Gender division in blockchain investments will definitely make you laugh. Some estimates claim only a mere 4-6% of blockchain investors are women!

Maybe, We Don’t Need Women in Crypto After All?

Maybe. But to think about it… for the crypto-verse to continue its development and advancement, fresh views and ideas are needed, and we all know that women tend to find ways no-one else can.

Increasing Awareness

“Lightning Labs co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Stark announced scholarships for female blockchain devs in New York City earlier this year, in an aim to lessen the gender divide. This isn’t just happening in Western countries, either. In Afghanistan, where it’s common for women to not have access to their own money, cryptocurrency can be a very empowering tool. Code to Inspire, a nonprofit coding school for girls in Herat, Afghanistan, trains women in technical literacy so they can have financial and social independence.”

If you’re a woman reading this, here’s what you can do to become more involved or involve your female friends and family members:

  • Set up a wallet of your choice and write down its private key. Please-please-please store your private key with utmost care!
  • Participate in a crypto community you like. By being an active member, you will gain more knowledge and reputation. This is invaluable to career progression if you’re interested!
  • You need to do some homework and read about the underlying technology and the latest trends. Even more so if you’re seeking a career in crypto.
  • If you’re just a female crypto enthusiast looking to expand your horizons, we encourage you to try demo and live crypto trading. CoinMetro is a perfect place to start. Our crypto exchanges let you enter the crypto-verse in a playful and risk-free manner. You risk no money of your own learning to use a digital trading platform. Jump on board!

Final Thoughts

It’s too early, and there’s still a long way to go to get more women involved in crypto, but we’re all very hopeful.

Are there any female CoinMetro maniacs reading this? Give us a loud shout-out in the comments below!

See you Friday!

The (female part of the) CoinMetro Team