Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?


Satoshi Nakamoto… who is this mysterious guy? The one and only thing we know for sure is that he is the creator of “Digital Gold”, more commonly known as Bitcoin.

But is it really a he? What if Satoshi is a they? It’s been speculated that Satoshi Nakamoto is a collective for a group of people hiding their true identities behind a pseudonym.

Why a pseudonym?

If you had a substantial amount of bitcoins in your original account, we’re sure you’d appreciate some anonymity as well.

Although Satoshi does have some bitcoins in his account, it’s believed that he has plenty, plenty more. Well, we couldn’t blame him. He’s the one and only creator of the first and most successful virtual currency ever, after all!

What if his name is an acronym, not a pseudonym?

Also possible! This idea has also been played with, although we find it a bit tiresome as there are too many possible combinations and it could mean literally anything.

Is it an individual or a group?

We really don’t know that. It could be both. Do you remember William Shakespeare? Another great and very mysterious persona. If you didn’t know, some are convinced it was a group of writers hiding behind the same name, not one person!

Wait… but what is “satoshi”?

Ah, we’re glad you asked. “Satoshi” is a fraction of a Bitcoin named after its genius creator. In other words, it’s the smallest possible piece of a Bitcoin.

Who could Satoshi Nakamoto really be?

There have been several investigations into the mysterious identity of Satoshi Nakamoto that gave birth to the interesting theories of who Bitcoin’s creator might really be.

Our favorite theory is… Elon Musk. The guy wasn’t so much in the spotlight ten years ago, but you never know what he was plotting back then!

Another theory that definitely deserves attention is that Satoshi Nakamoto identity is nothing else but a government agency. Who could’ve thought! It would make for a great conspiracy theory.

No matter what theories you may come across on the Web, remember that there’s no real evidence to either of them.

Is he just gone?

It’s reported that Satoshi does appear online from time to time, but he was last seen on the Web on his own network that he created after Bitcoin had been launched. Again, officially, he publicly posted his last message many years ago, but people’ve been guessing otherwise.


No matter who Satoshi Nakamoto really is, he managed to create one hell of a hype around his persona. We still hope that he will reveal his identity one day, which is highly improbable if we think about all the questions his resurfacing may raise.

Google is your friend if you want to research more!

The CoinMetro Team