Who is Kevin Murcko?


Besides being the face of our “This Week in Crypto” show on YouTube, Kevin is the driving force and CEO at CoinMetro. Prior to founding a crypto exchange, Kevin was a seasoned player in the game of revolutionizing the finance world. Here’s his story.

Before diving into his achievements in the world of finance, let’s get a bit personal. In his downtime, Kevin likes to draw and explore vegan cuisine. He’s also a pretty decent rapper. If you don’t believe us, ask him yourself in our weekly Q&As!

But let’s not get carried away. Here are the landmark achievements that make Kevin the crypto connoisseur he is today. 

Founder of Retail FX Platform, FXPIG 

Long before cryptocurrency, Kevin was an avid believer in making the world of finance more transparent. His first landmark project was FXPIG, a pioneer retail FX trading platform that strived to bring honesty to Forex, offering low spreads and honest brokerage services.

Closing the profit gap between institutional and retail traders is the core principle behind FXPIG. With the emergence of digital assets on the blockchain, Kevin realized that there were newer ways to achieve the same ambitious vision. 

While you know all about CoinMetro (if not read more about what we do and stand for here), Kevin did more than establish a crypto exchange. In fact, he plays an active role in setting the foundations of crypto regulation in the European Union.

Board Member of the European Crypto Association (ECA)

As one of the founding board members of the European Crypto Association, Kevin actively participates in developing the regulatory landscape that makes a tokenized future possible.

The ECA was set up to help establish a set of standards for crypto exchanges, token issues, virtual currency wallets, and other crypto institutions. It aims to align their operations with the financial regulations in place, as well as shape the way regulatory bodies in the European Union approach this new industry.

Needless to say, that’s a pretty steep challenge. Luckily Kevin is a fan of tackling the big stuff.

Expert Crypto Market Speaker on and Beyond

Given his Forex and crypto finance experience, Kevin is frequently booked to speak on subjects from compliance and regulation to the state of the crypto market and its future. 

In 2019 alone, Kevin spoke about STO and IEO at Futurama Summit in Montenegro, discussed the differences between ICOs and IPOS at the Finance Estonia Forum, and gave talks about whether regulations would help or hurt crypto at both Hong Kong Blockchain Week and Paris Blockchain Summit.

On top of traveling to participate in some of the biggest crypto and finance events in the world, Kevin is a permanent guest on, where he covers crypto market analysis with host Jessica Walker two times a week. You can watch his market analyses here.

He’s Also CoinMetro’s Go-To Crypto Guru

Conferences, expert speeches, CEO stuff for CoinMetro, sitting on the ECA board, and then there’s one more thing that Kevin does on the regular.

Every Friday, Kevin hosts CoinMetro’s “This Week in Crypto” show, including a live Q&A on YouTube where our community can ask him anything. He also explains a complex crypto topic in the “Kevin Explains Crypto” segment of the show, which our community votes for during the week. If you haven’t been able to tune in, you can watch previous episodes here.

If you want to know about Kevin or CoinMetro you’re more than welcome to join our next live Q&A this Friday at 12:00 UTC… or the next one, or the one after that. We’ll be waiting.