Which Crypto News Should I Trust?


Recent weeks have been very eventful and news alerts keep coming in from every direction. It is now more important than ever to distinguish reliable information from fake news. With so many publications out there, it is sometimes hard to recognise the un-biased ones. But don’t worry, we are helping you out – here are our recommendations for reliable crypto news to trust to keep you well informed in the midst of the recent crisis.



Cointelegraph publishes about a wide range of blockchain, cryptocurrency and emerging fintech news. They aim to deliver accurate news from both the centralized and decentralized worlds on a daily basis.

Cointelegraph takes pride in being unbiased and delivering insightful content, such as in-depth analytics and comprehensive crypto price charts. To make things more versatile for the average reader, they also publish opinion pieces and reports on the social transformation that digital currencies bring along. 

The publication was founded in 2013 and it has since reached considerable popularity. Cointelegraph is also known for its characteristic illustrations that accompany every article – way to focus on the visuals!



CoinDesk covers news about cryptocurrencies and digital assets and is aimed at the next generation of investors. The news site works to inform, educate and connect the global investment community through news, events and education.

CoinDesk was founded in May 2013 and has since reached millions of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. They are also known for creating the Bitcoin Price Index – a price reference rate that became widely used by traditional finance journals like the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

CoinDesk has recently moved away from focusing on sponsored articles in their revenue model so they are crypto news to trust, honouring unbiased press standards.

CoinDesk news covers rather sophisticated topics, from regulation to technical updates, while keeping the news reader-friendly and fluent.



If you are interested in numbers more than you are in actual reports or opinion stories – CoinMarketCap is your place to be. Regarding price movements, they are the crypto news to trust.

The site reports on trading activities of thousands of markets, lists accurate data about legions of digital assets – including their market cap, price, volume and circulating supply. CoinMarketCap has built a reputable name in the industry and they add to their credibility by not accepting payments on their site.

CoinMetro’s very own XCM is also listed on CoinMarketCap! You can go ahead and check out the latest data from the site.


This Week In Crypto

Another reliable and informative source for getting crypto market news is CoinMetro’s weekly video podcast. This Week In Crypto is a show where our CEO Kevin Murcko discusses the latest crypto and blockchain market news. 

Kevin has years of experience in finance and digital assets and he comments on crypto news in the show. You can expect to hear him explain complicated topics in a practical way. You can participate in the podcast yourself by posting a question on Reddit. This is a great way to get an expert’s opinion on a crypto topic that interests you.

That’s it for this time’s news suggestions! If you are looking for some more practical activities, go ahead and start trading for real on our platforms! If you have any questions about our platforms or CoinMetro in general, reach out to our support team. They are here to help 24/7.