What is Thought Cryptocurrency?


Today’s rapidly changing industries may soon abandon traditional and largely outdated approaches that are difficult to adapt to the ever-changing developments of today.

ThoughtAI is an innovative network that reimagines traditional analytics by creating data with artificial intelligence capabilities. Equally important, the ThoughtAI Network has a native token. What is Thought cryptocurrency, and where can you buy it?


What is ThoughtAI?

ThoughtAI is an adaptive artificial intelligence (AI) systems development company that extends distributed AI to massive data stores and existing systems. The new AI technology strives to revolutionize the way we capture, store, and manipulate data.

ThoughtAI focuses on individual pieces of self-aware, intelligent data encoded with AI capabilities. Furthermore, all information is managed as Nuances. These are in charge of transporting, organizing, sending, analyzing, and tracking data across the entire network in the most efficient way possible.

Last but not least, Nuances record all interactions and transformations.


Thought Cryptocurrency and Its Tokenomics

As mentioned previously, THT is the native token of the ThoughtAI Network. 

Let’s try to understand the THT tokenomics:

  • THT tokens buy data, which is transferred from entity to entity, as well as data insight;
  • Tokens buy usage of data models and applications on the network;
  • THT tokens are earned by mining, contributing data models, analytics models, artificial intelligence models, and data sets.



ThoughtAI on Coinmetro

A partner of ThoughtAI, Coinmetro prides itself as the world’s first fiat gateway for THT, the native token of the ThoughtAI platform.

You can trade Thought cryptocurrency on the Coinmetro main exchange. Log in to your Coinmetro account or sign up if you’re a new user!