What is QNT?


CoinMetro stands out for adding new tokens at a whooping rate. This article focuses on the Quant (QNT) token that is available on our exchange – a project that’s unleashing the power of networks as connected as the world we live in.

Excited? Let’s take a closer look at the intriguing Quant Network and its amazing journey  – together.

Meet the Quant Network

How and when did it all start?

Three great minds founded the company in 2015: Gilbert Verdian, a technologist with an educational background in e-business and strategic management, Paolo Tasca, holding a PhD in Business, and Colin Paterson (Energy Science). The company’s ICO was performed in May 2018.

The core of the project is the Quant Network, an ecosystem for blockchains, functioning through the Overledger platform.

Overledger facilitates the creation of decentralized applications on the blockchain. The outcome for users is that they would be able to use the advantages of multiple blockchains instead of a separate single blockchain limited in capacity.

The Quant Network’s team does its best to make sure that the blockchain technology is used in the most effective way, and with that, get trust back to the world.

The Quant Ecosystem’s Mission

It’s hard to deny that today, we’re more economically, socially, culturally, and environmentally interconnected than ever before. This makes it very clear that our systems are unfit for the multi-faceted coordination that we need to meet the new reality.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a solution, but its lack of simplicity and interoperability as well as its inability to integrate with different generations of systems, is thus preventing the technology from fulfilling its true potential. And today, DLTs find use in almost every industry, for a wide range of applications. 

This also reflects the technology’s life stage. What certainly doesn’t help is the providers’ desire to push their DLT or blockchain solutions for their benefit, also at our expense.

In contrast, the Quant platform is standard and protocol-agnostic, simplifying and connecting any system to any network to any DLT anywhere in the world. It helps to share, see, and exchange information and value across them – in a secure, simple, and cost-effective manner.

Finally, with easy implementation, focused innovation, and reliable support, Quant’s solutions make sure every single person gets the very best out of any DLT they choose.

The Quant Treasury

A key part of the ecosystem is the Quant Treasury.

The Treasury will allow enterprises to pay in fiat for licenses which will be used to purchase QNT tokens directly from public exchanges. The QNT bought will remain locked in the treasury for the duration of the license. If renewed, it will be relocked. These tokenomics help to limit the supply and induce buy pressure as the Quant ecosystem grows. 

The QNT Token: the Pros

The Quant ecosystem uses the QNT token to access the network and the Overledger platform and secures the data sharing. Consequently, being a crucial part of the Network, the QNT token shares and supports the project values stating that the team members are:

  • questioners and
  • nonconformists, who are
  • unflappable,
  • agile,
  • trustworthy.

Taking into account the approach, it’s impossible not to want to learn more about the project and their token.

Why Trade QNT with CoinMetro?

Without much further ado, it’s easy and has great potential:

  1. Test it on our demo platform (hey, there’s nothing to lose – you don’t even need to sign up);
  2. Sign up or log in – and complete KYC if you still haven’t;
  3. Make a deposit in EUR (available via bank transfer (SWIFT and instant SEPA), debit/credit card, or crypto);
  4. Choose where to trade: you can trade QNT/EURO on our EXpress or PRO platforms.

Don’t miss your chance!