What is Quant (QNT)?

The new season brings new tokens to the CoinMetro platform! In the following weeks, we’ll be introducing them in our blog, stay tuned!

Today our focus is on Quant – a project with the motto “Bring trust back into our world”. Let’s see what the company background is and what they’re trying to achieve.

The Quant Network Ecosystem – How it Works

The company was founded in 2015 by Gilbert Verdian, a technologist with an educational background in e-business and strategic management, Paolo Tasca, holding a PhD in Business, and Colin Paterson (Energy Science). The company’s ICO was performed in May 2018.

The core of the project is the Quant Network, an ecosystem for blockchains, functioning with the help of the platform called Overledger. Overledger is designed to facilitate the creation of decentralized applications on the blockchain; the outcome for users is that they would be able to use the advantages of multiple blockchains instead of limited capacity of a separate single blockchain.

The Quant Network’s team is determined to make sure that the blockchain technology is used the most effective way, and with that, get trust back to the world.

The Quant Treasury

A key part of the ecosystem is the Quant Treasury. The Enterprise version of the treasury is already released, with the Community version due in Q4 this year. The treasury will allow Enterprises to pay in FIAT for licenses which will be used to purchase QNT tokens directly from public exchanges. The QNT bought will remain locked in the treasury for the duration of the license, if renewed it will be re-locked. These tokenomics help to limit the supply and induce buy pressure as the Quant ecosystem grows. 

Advantages of QNT Token

Quant’s token, QNT, is used in the Quant ecosystem to access the network and the Overledger platform and secures the data-sharing. It’s utilised by both developers and users; the access fee is also taken in QNT.

Being a crucial part of the network, the QNT token shares and supports the project values stating that the team members are:

  • Questioners
  • Nonconformists
  • Unflappable
  • Agile
  • Trustworthy

With such an approach and enthusiastic attitude, it’s impossible not to want to learn more about the project and their token.

The QNT Stats You Need to Know

Total supply: 14,612,493 QNT
Circulating Supply: 12,072,738 QNT
Current Price*: EUR 2.963
Current Market Cap: EUR 35,777,317 (Rank*: 91)
ROI since launch: 117.70%

*Last updated: January 21, 2020


Why Trade QNT with CoinMetro?

Quant (QNT) trading on CoinMetro is now live! It’s a good reason to deposit and even earn some XCM if you’re new. It’s easy to start:

  1. Test it on our Demo platform (you don’t even need to sign up!);
  2. Sign up or log in – complete KYC and one fiat-crypto trade (read more here);
  3. Make a deposit in Euro (available via bank transfer (SWIFT and instant SEPA), debit/credit card, or crypto);
  4. Choose where to trade: you can trade QNT/EURO on our EXpress or PRO platforms.

Happy trading!


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