What is Chainlink (LINK)?

Another week, another token! We’re excited to announce that Chainlink (LINK) has been added to CoinMetro’s growing list of tradable assets.

The best bit about this news is that CoinMetro will be one of the (very!) few exchanges to offer LINK to EUR pairs, which we hope will result in high trading volume – just one of several reasons why we have high hopes for the LINK token.


Chainlink’s Smart Contracts Help Google, Swift, and Gartner Keep Data Secure 

The Chainlink network offers clients the ability to create and execute tamper-proof digital agreements. These are known as Smart Contracts, which are used for a wide range of services including payments, online trades, and even digital document signing. 

Despite their innovative nature, Smart Contracts are lacking in that they can’t access data on their own. This results in connectivity issues when developers attempt to execute them since they don’t have access to off-chain data and APIs. To address this problem, Chainlink created a decentralized network to keep everything error-free and in sync. 

LINK, the utility token that is used to execute Smart Contracts on the Chainlink network, has been experiencing steady growth since launching in 2017. Thanks to partnerships with tech giant Google and bank industry leader SWIFT, the platform continues to thrive.


The LINK Stats You Need to Know

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 LINK
  • Circulating Supply: 350,000,000 LINK
  • Current Price*: €1.28
  • Current Market Cap: €379,026,096 (Rank*: 28)
  • ROI since launch: 535.43%

*Last updated: June 25, 2019


Why Trade Link With CoinMetro?

CoinMetro’s offers two excellent platforms for buying LINK. Have a look at our EXpress platform – it is allows a quick exchange of digital assets while having many sophisticated features! If you are looking for even more variety in features, try our PRO platform. It offers advanced order types for margin and non-margin trading. It houses features called PRO Margin and PRO Trade, that allows for two-leg trades and many other functions.

In addition to offering one of the lowest exchange fees in the industry, CoinMetro is a fully licensed financial institution based in the European Union. Moving crypto forward is our motto, which is why we take a proactive approach to compliance and industry regulations, including KYC/AML procedures.

But enough about licensing and long-term visions. Here are the goodies you get for joining CoinMetro.


High Referral Commissions and a 20 XCM Reward 

In addition to being 100% free to use, CoinMetro users get a 20 XCM reward for completing a tier 1 KYC check and making at least one crypto-fiat trade. In case you didn’t know, XCM is the utility token used to power the CoinMetro ecosystem. You can hold your reward and start stockpiling to get discounted fees. 

Free tokens and these reasons aside, CoinMetro Ambassadors collect not only from direct referrals but also from their referrals’ referrals twice over. There is also an Ambassador-exclusive monthly raffle, so plenty of incentives to keep your wallet healthy.

Sign up now and check it out for yourself.

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Happy trading!