What is Hathor Crypto?


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In our previous article, we told you everything you need to know about Hathor – what the Hathor Network is and why it is different from other projects.

This blog post will focus on Hathor crypto and other to-the-point information about the network.

About Hathor

The Hathor Network saw the world in January 2020. Since then, it’s been growing exponentially in the number of custom tokens, active wallets, and mining hash rate.

Surely, Hathor boasts a novel PoW distributed ledger architecture. It successfully merges DAG and blockchain data structures. In short, Hathor is a permissionless layer 1 network that allows its users to build decentralized apps and platforms on top of it. 

As a result, the network’s unique architecture solves significant bottlenecks using scalability, usability, and decentralization.

Interesting Facts about Hathor

Amazingly, Hathor can handle 200 transactions per second (tps) – around PayPal levels. However, it will exceed 1,800 tps in the future, which translates to Visa levels.

What’s more, there is another unique feature that definitely needs a mention – creating custom tokens on Hathor. The whole process only takes a few seconds. True, creating your customer token requires no coding. So, anyone could do it from their desktop or mobile Hathor wallet.

Hathor’s Native Token

Hathor’s native utility token is HTR. It ensures the network’s security and stability.

The HTR circulating supply consists of mined tokens and released pre-mined tokens.

One billion pre-mined tokens were created at the genesis block in January 2020. These tokens are subject to the burn, vault, and lock schedule.

Pre-mined tokens serve the purpose of supporting the development of the Hathor ecosystem, the network’s community, and use cases.

Mined tokens are being continuously generated in every block. They serve as a reward to miners for keeping the network secure. For your information, the average time between blocks is 30 seconds.

Team Compensation

The co-founding members will receive team tokens for their work during 18 months. Basically, it’s a compensation for the development of Hathor from scratch and its successful launch.

After over two years of work, the team will receive 6% of their tokens. Consequently, the remaining 94% will follow a four-year vesting schedule.

Hathor Labs Treasury

Treasury tokens are allocated for building the Hathor ecosystem and supporting the project’s growth.

It includes employees, suppliers, marketing, and legal services. Worth noting are also incentives for strategic use cases, securing strategic partnerships, future bounty programs, and other crucial expenditures.

Advisor Compensation

Advisor tokens are allocated to advisors who contribute to the development, promotion, business model and strategy. Apart from that, there are several other services vital to the current and future success of the ecosystem.

Equally important, all advisor tokens are subject to a vesting schedule.

Bounty Programs and Ecosystem Tokens

Hathor rewards the community members with ecosystem tokens for relevant contributions that benefit the Hathor ecosystem.

For example, this includes bug reports, software improvements, translations, promotional content, etc.

Seed and Private Sales Tokens

Hathor has allocated 130 million tokens for sale to the public. Of this total, 50 million were sold to very early investors in 2019. Also, a private sale that will be happening soon.

Finally, 20 million tokens will remain locked for future sales after January 2023.

Vaulted Tokens

Vaulted tokens have a 5-year lock from mainnet. They will become unlocked on January 3rd, 2025.

Then, Hathor Labs will re-evaluate the vaulted tokens]. Should they lose their value for the ecosystem, Hathor Labs will burn them in full or partially.

Exchange Liquidity Tokens

Hathor uses exchange liquidity tokens to secure additional listings, deposits, and market making. This ensures a minimum liquidity in exchanges that have listed or will list HTR.

Will HTR be Valuable in the Future?

The answer is yes, and here’s why.

Globally, the Hathor Network powers an unlimited number of use cases, tokens, and products.

Hathor’s first product deployed on the mainnet was a user-friendly tokenization service. Moreover, the network’s roadmap indicates a number of strategic items that will add value and unique functionality to the network. The result? The Hathor Network will be ready to enter other markets to continue to expand its use cases.

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