What is Happening In Crypto in April 2020? Read More to Find Out!

It is time for another review of the latest crypto market news! Which topics have gotten the most clicks in the crypto universe? Keep reading to find out what is happening in crypto in April 2020!


Bitcoin halving less than a month away

Bitcoin halving is projected to take place around May 12. With less than 30 days to go until the due date, price speculations are gaining traction. What will happen to the biggest cryptocurrency after the halving? Coindesk reports that the options market is signalling doubt regarding a possible price increase. BTC’s price also rejected the 100-week moving average – a crucial factor in signalling bullish and bearish movements. We are excited to see how this will play out!

What is Happening In Crypto? April 2020

China’s quest towards CBDC continues

As China likes to keep everyone on their toes, some news from that part of the world happening in crypto in April as well. New events have transpired on the front of the digital yuan – China is trialing a test interface for their central bank digital currency. The test environment is offered by The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) – one of the country’s four state-owned banks. Screenshots of ABC’s mobile application became public on April 14 and proved that a front-end interface has already been built.


Andreessen Horowitz targeting $450M crypto fund

The legendary VC firm is planning to close their second crypto asset fund very soon. Andreessen Horowitz is not new to the world of crypto investing, as they raised a $300 million crypto-specific fund in 2018. Considering the current investment climate, this is certainly great news for cryptocurrency exchanges looking to raise funds.


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