Whaleroom AMA with Coinmetro Summary


Kevin Murcko, CEO of Coinmetro hosted an AMA to introduce WhaleRoom and SENTR3 with Co-founder, Paul Adrien. Thank you very much to all those who joined.

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What is WhaleRoom?

We’re trying to improve communication in Web3.

My other co-founder and I were meeting on a variety of projects and the initial idea was to build a chat for ourselves without some of the noise present on the available channels. As we met with different stakeholders, the fact they had “skin in the game” meant better conversations and took us to our version of “token-gating.”

We had a lot of traction and positive feedback in the beginning and wanted to do more with it and go to the next step. WhaleRoom was born to create a better platform to create discussions with holders, the community, etc.

We serve a variety of customers, DAOs, crypto projects, enterprises, NFT ticketing, NFT memberships. Overall, I think the key with WhaleRoom is token-gating or NFT gating. Gating communities is a great way to make the most for the members and holders and prioritize them for feedback and support.


How can token-gating and the WHL concept benefit our community?

We differentiate because we only serve tokenized communities and crypto communities. With features like login with wallet, you can connect multiple wallets if you have tokens on Binance, MetaMask, Ledger, etc. We have anti-spam built-in, in-app social analytics, etc. and the short answer is we’re making it optimal for tokenized communities so that they can get the most out of the platform and Web3 wallet.

Most companies will get tokenized so why not use a platform that is built for that purpose?


New developments on the roadmap?

We are blockchain agnostic and support NFTs and tokens on ETH, Binance, Hathor, Polygon blockchains. We have white-label cases like enterprise, through the division of our company SENTR3. Those can be Web3 or Web2-based and leverage the power of tokenized companies.

We work with a company called AI Forum, they are going to release an NFT connection, and if you’re a holder you can get exclusive reports on AI research and all of this is going to be hosted on WhaleRoom and also migrated in their blockchain.

We tailor to the needs of companies and tokenized communities. New features, new UX to make it more appropriate for Web3 communities.


Events in the coming months?

We spoke at Web3-London and Champions of Blockchains. There are weekly events focused on Web3 builders like Mondao, Tuesdao, etc.

From freelance developers, founders, VCs, students, everyone is so driven and it is fascinating to see so many people working in management consultancies, private equities and they want to jump into Web3.

It is only taking off right now, but seeing bright people who are involved, it means something.

We will be speaking at NFT Talinn as well.


How does the token fit into the WhaleRoom ecosystem?

The social token gives you a lot of different perks within the app. One of the most direct benefits is access to token-gated rooms within WhaleRoom. You can talk in those rooms, help with feedback, suggestions, etc., to shape WhaleRoom and what we want to achieve. You also get extra perks within the app. The social token is made for people who want to take full advantage of WhaleRoom. Different tiers, different features, exclusive reports, articles about Web3, etc.


Can you gate your own token?

Anyone can join our platform, some rooms are not token-gated. We still like to call it our Beta because we have so much more coming up. If you want to token-gate a room, we can consult with the token creation and help out. What token, should you create an NFT, what chain to use? We can answer those questions. The token can be an individual creator, artist, talent, it can be a DAO or it can be an organization. We can also integrate it into your website. We have an app as well. You can gate it with your own token or the token of the company.


Hathor support on WhaleRoom?

Hathor has great use-cases and we love it. We are integrated with the Hathor wallet as well. If you choose to get on Hathor, WhaleRoom can integrate with it. You can create a token really easily with Hathor.


What is the tech behind WhaleRoom?

We built everything from scratch. Security has the priority behind every core feature. We are off-chain and are supporting many different blockchains. The technology is our own, everything is proprietary and we have a patent pending for our technology.


How would you maintain user privacy at WhaleRoom?

The backend looks at different wallets, no humans are involved and the user can also connect multiple wallets. We don’t see it, it’s all in the back-end and it checks if it has the right balance. If the minimum is 100 tokens to join the room, and the user has the tokens on different wallets, we support it.

You have to choose an off-chain username and password to login via mobile devices, etc. User anonymity and privacy are some of the core values of our platform. We are not storing the information, it is just a dynamic check. We only need to check for the requirements set by the room host. “Dynamic Token-Gating.”


1 million WHL tokens too little?

Most users on WhaleRoom are not WhaleRoom token holders. The hosts automatically get access to the moderator room and host room. Only 100 people can have the APEX tier and we did that on purpose because we didn’t want too many people to have access to it. We want to have the holders be the most committed members.


Is Discord your primary competitor?

We want to become the go-to communication platform in Web3. We don’t tell our clients to get rid of Discord as it is being used a lot in the Web3 world.

WhaleRoom is more a place for the core of our community, to offer the holders and most supportive members a better place to interact. Discord has been instrumental to help grow crypto communities.


What if Discord integrates its own token-gating?

They have hinted about integrating MetaMask into Discord, but it seems they may stay with their original idea.

We offer more than only token-gated chat like audio chat, gamification, and customization for enterprise clients. If an enterprise client went to Discord to ask for a customized experience, they would probably not be able to do it, because the Discord community is not really focused on crypto yet.

If Discord would go down this road, that’s a good thing, because it means that what we are doing is being picked up by massive companies like Discord.

When we started with WhaleRoom, token-gating didn’t even exist. We started using Proof of Ownership and it wasn’t yet being used. If Discord picks up on these things, it shows that there is demand for it and a bit of competition is healthy as well.


Renting Tokens/NFTs on WhaleRoom?

Outside of WhaleRoom, there has been conversation about renting NFTs, renting NFT clothes in the Metaverse, etc. We have discussed and it seems interesting because you can leverage your NFTs. We are not sure yet how we would integrate but definitely something we are going to have more discussions about with the team at WhaleRoom.


SENTR3 is the enterprise edition of WhaleRoom to help enterprises leverage Web3 through gating experience, nft tokenization, nft ticketing, etc.

We are working on multiple token-gating that requires multiple requirements like different cryptos to enter a room.