We’ve Listed the VXV Token!


We’ve got some great news: We’ve listed the VXV token on our exchange! Come and take a look at what Vectorspace AI and VXV are all about.

At CoinMetro we’re quite picky about the assets we list, and with good reason. We want to back the best initiatives, teams and tokens with the highest potential. We vet them carefully and only bring them on board with the highest confidence in them.

About the listing 

We will offer VXVETH and VXVUSD trading pairs from 11.12.2020 with a view to add additional pairs as demand grows. US clients have access to ACH payments, so you have a simple way to buy and trade VXV token. 

From day one we will support limit orders, this way we can build up the book organically and once there is sufficient liquidity, there will be market orders across all pairs. We are in discussions with the team and market makers to provide enough liquidity and we expect there to be a reliable and stable trading environment within a matter of weeks.

VXV deposits will arrive with just 10 confirmations.

listing vxv token

Why are we listing the VXV token? 

We believe there is a strong and valid use case and tokenomics for VXV, along with a bright future for the project. 

We have great synergy and share the same vision. There’s potential to work together with future development and integrations. We’re also discussing the possibility of creating the products which were originally in our CoinMetro Whitepaper.

We expect crypto to be adopted and go mainstream, we see that as the market matures bigger players like hedge funds need better systems and datasets to trade on another level. 

This is why we’re super excited about this listing. As we say, we believe that together we are the future of finance, and we don’t just mean ourselves or our customers. We mean everyone in this space. So, without further ado, let me introduce Vectorspace AI and VXV to you!


What is Vectorspace AI?

They believe that while data might be the new oil, the dataset is the refined gasoline that powers every Machine Learning (ML) and AI operation.

They focus on context-controlled NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing/Understanding) and feature engineering for hidden relationship detection in data. The platform powers advanced approaches in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) using experimental and formal language models including well-known models such as OpenAI’s GPT-3 (2020), Google’s BERT (2018), word2vec (2013) combined with experimental methods developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2008).


What does this mean? 

Their tech powers research groups, data vendors, funds and institutions by generating on-demand NLP/NLU correlation matrix datasets. Data is the new oil as they say nowadays, but we’ve not yet solved ways of sharing it efficiently. This is where they come in. 

Vectorspace context-controllable correlation matrix datasets can be used to create what we call ‘Smart Baskets’. These are groups of assets such as equities or cryptocurrencies that share known and hidden relationships with one another.

Detecting hidden relationships between equities, entities and global events based on sympathetic, symbiotic, parasitic or latent entanglement can result in unique opportunities connected to ‘information arbitrage’.


What can you do with it?

Creating datasets is hard. Vectorspace makes it a little less so. 


  • Create unique equity, cryptocurrency, ETF & OTC datasets
  • Engineer custom feature vectors
  • Explore trends & generate alpha

Get more info and how this works here.


What is the VXV use case?

VXV use caseOn Chain Data Provenance, Lineage, Validation and Governance.

It’s important to know where your data comes from. The VXV token tracks all changes to datasets by assigning immutable ownership to each change in the dataset.

Access and distribution of datasets

Based on the VXV wallet-enabled API key used by customers to access Vectorspace AI datasets from revenue distribution partners such as S&P Global Market Intelligence, Bloomberg, Neudata, CloudQuant or Microsoft Azure.

Machine to Machine transactions

Using VXV inside a specialized exchange for datasets where datasets are bought and sold similar to a crypto or stock exchange.

On top of this you can

Design and Generate Datasets
Get access to Thematic baskets/Smart baskets for stocks & cryptos
Get access to VXV tiered services on the VXV Dataset Platform

Sounds pretty great, right? Hop on over to our crypto exchange and start trading VXV tokens! Need some advice before you jump in? Take a look at the best cryptocurrency day trading strategies in 2020.