Ways to Learn About Blockchain and Crypto


With the appearance of the Internet, learning opportunities multiplied. These days, learning online is a most common thing. There’s no area you can’t learn about.

Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts can find all the information they need on the Web – from insightful educational articles to interactive courses.

What options do you have and what are the ways to learn about blockchain and crypto online?

Educational Articles

The easiest way to learn blockchain and crypto online is by reading educational articles. Major crypto exchanges and payment services have regularly updated blogs where you can find articles on the topics that interest you the most.

Some articles are more complicated than others, but there’s always something for beginners. These articles are usually titled “for beginners”, “for newbies”, “for dummies” – no offense! – or “explained in plain English”.

For example, CoinMetro’s blog focuses on novice crypto enthusiasts and publishes three educational articles a week. These articles are handy not only for beginners, but also for intermediate traders, with occasional gems for gurus.

Online academies

Online blockchain and crypto academies are not only insightful, but also fun to join. Some of them are totally free, whereas others will charge you for the lessons. Point is, online academies are perfect to learn blockchain technology with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.

Such courses are always interactive and include practical tasks, which means that you can actually apply your knowledge, not just forget everything you’ve just read or heard.

Have you heard that CoinMetro is soon to launch its Crypto Academy that will be a complete blast? Our users will get a chance to learn through audio and video, and to take tests before moving on to the next chapter.

Anxious to get started? Sign up to a free CoinMetro account and receive a notification when the Crypto Academy opens its doors!

Online courses

Online courses are a brief version of distance learning at university, which allows you to choose your own pace. You’ve all heard about Coursera and Udemy. Today, they also offer courses on blockchain and crypto at very reasonable prices, we must say.

How are online academies and online courses different? The latter potentially offer a more specific topic to learn or study and provide more detailed information brought to you in audio, video, and text form.

Online academies, on the other hand, offer you a broader range of information, which is always good for beginners who are looking to learn blockchain online from different angles.

FAQs and Glossaries for the lazy

Then, there are in-depth FAQs, answering the most popular questions in more detail, and glossaries that give certain definitions of certain terms. FAQs and glossaries can no doubt be found on all websites dedicated to blockchain and crypto.

It’s up to you to decide what it’s going to be. We believe that any way to learn about blockchain and crypto is good enough as long as it satisfies your current interests and needs. The World Wide Web is all yours!

Have a really cool weekend!

The CoinMetro Team