VXV Trading: The Most Trusted Exchange


CoinMetro is the most trusted exchange for VXV trading. After creating the first ever fiat gateway for the Vectorspace AI, we’re now making it even easier to buy & sell VXV!


  • Market Orders are now available.
  • You can now easily swap VXV with any asset.

The Only Fiat Gateway

The VXV token was listed on CoinMetro in December of 2020, debuting along with the first ever fiat trading pair for Vectorspace AI. This provided the VXV community with an easy point of entry and opened up access to a brand new market. Offering reliable fiat gateways to crypto communities in need has been a central focus of ours at CoinMetro. Additionally, we’ve helped grow organic liquidity on the VXV order books by offering a fast & reliable service.

Our trading pairs, VXV/USD and VXV/ETH, are the two highest rated Vectorspace AI markets in the world based on liquidity & confidence at the time of writing!

VXV Trading: Market Orders & Swaps

After seeing a fantastic response from the VXV Community, we wanted to return the love! Therefore, today we made buying and selling VXV at CoinMetro even easier! Market Orders & Swaps are officially open.

Now, you can quickly buy or sell VXV on the exchange platform by placing market orders. In addition, you can also instantly swap any asset for VXV, straight from the Swap Widget in your CoinMetro dashboard!

VXV Trading - Easy VXV Swap Trading

VXV Trading Made Easy

User experience is paramount to us. As such, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need at CoinMetro when it comes to Vectorspace AI:

  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Extremely Low Fees
  • USD & ETH Trading Pairs
  • Swap Widget: Swap VXV for any asset
  • Fully Licensed & Regulated
  • Safe, Secure & Transparent

Are we missing anything you’d like to see? Let us know! Join the Official CoinMetro Telegram community, or reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram.

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