VSP Staking on Coinmetro


Vesper Finance is a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem and growth engine for crypto assets, providing a broad range of yield-generating products. More on Vesper Finance can be found here.

The Vesper token (VSP) is the core economic engine facilitating the building and expansion of the Vesper ecosystem and its community.

The VSP token incentivizes participation, facilitates governance, and is a catalyst for user contribution.

You can now HODL and grow your VSP on Coinmetro! We also continue to explore different ways to incorporate Vesper’s other pools, which include not only conventional yield options but also the yield-transforming Vesper Earn family.

How to Get Started?

With at least 10 VSP in your Coinmetro account, you can start earning a passive income on your VSP deposit. VSP can be bought on the Coinmetro platform, or can be deposited to your account.

Staking VSP to Earn Rewards

The staking platform can be accessed from the navigation menu, under Earn > VSP Staking. You can also click here.

The VSP Staking Dashboard offers a simple overview of the rewards generated from VSP Staking on Coinmetro, the amount of VSP locked in the network and the current value of VSP.

Ending Your VSP Staking Early

If you end your Coinmetro VSP Staking Plan early, you’ll pay a penalty of 50% of the total paid rewards for the plan. This will be deducted from your Coinmetro-staked VSP. The penalty is always charged on the accrued rewards and is never taken from the actual staked amount.

To end your plan early, click the “Close” button. If you choose to confirm, a confirmation popup will display any penalty which may apply.

Time to Set Up a VSP Staking Plan!

To start staking VSP, click “New Plan“.

You can run different staking plans to utilize the varying VSP token amounts and duration.

Staking VSP is free!

The New Plan interface is the setup for your staking plan, and you can configure the amount and duration. As mentioned previously, the minimum amount of VSP to start a plan is 10, and the duration options are 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 1 Year.

The Summary will update as you select your configuration. Opting for a longer staking duration will increase the monthly rewards. The monthly rewards are calculated based on the amount of VSP that you stake, and the duration.

Once you’re ready to start your staking plan, just click “Confirm” – and it’s done!

You’re now earning a passive income with Coinmetro! Coinmetro strives to offer inclusive and accessible opportunities for everyone!

More staking programs to come for other assets in the near future so stay up to date with Coinmetro by joining our Discord or Telegram communities.