Vesper Finance Token


Vesper Finance token (VSP) is one of the recent additions to the list of digital assets available on the Coinmetro exchange.

Are you new to Vesper? This article will give you a comprehensive overview of Vesper and the VSP token.


What is Vesper Finance?

Vesper Finance is a platform of DeFi products. It represents ease-of-use, longevity, and scale. Vesper is a complete ecosystem governed by the VSP token.

Want to learn more about the project? Make sure Introduction to Vesper Finance is next on your reading list.


Vesper Finance Token

The entire Vesper ecosystem is tied together by the VSP token. It helps to govern the project, incentivize participation, and promote user contribution.

It’s worth noting that VSP token holders can also vote on proposals and deposit their tokens to passively earn more VSP.


VSP Token Supply

Vesper has a total supply of 10,000,000 VSP, of which:

  • 6.5M VSP is reserved for the project’s community. Of these 6.5M tokens, 2.55M are for the Incentivized Launch Pools, 1M to incentivize liquidity providers, and 2.95M are retained for the Vesper Reserves.
  • 3.5M VSP is reserved for the Vesper team, advisors, and strategic partners. Equally important, these tokens are subject to a 1 Year vesting period. 

The diagram below will give you a better idea of the VSP token supply dynamics:

VSP Supply Dynamics

How do users earn VSP tokens? By participating in Vesper Grow Pools, providing liquidity, and staking VSP. 


Earning VSP via Vesper Grow Pools

Each Vesper Grow Pool contains a certain amount of VSP tokens. These are needed to be distributed to pool participants – proportionate to the size of the stake in the pool.

These VSP tokens also serve as extra rewards in addition to the passive yield each Grow Pool generates.


Earning VSP via Liquidity Provision

The VSP/ETH liquidity providers are rewarded with VSP tokens – for staking the tokens into the corresponding Vesper liquidity pool.

Earning VSP via Staking

Vesper users can deposit their tokens to the VSP treasury pool and earn incremental VSP


Trading VSP on Coinmetro

Coinmetro has made the VSP/USD trading pair available. If you’re ready to trade the Vesper Finance token, log in or sign up for a Coinmetro account if you don’t have one yet!