Understanding Crypto – The Game of Thrones Edition

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 8 years, you’ve probably heard of both Crypto and Game of Thrones! They’ve been in our lives for around the same time, and as the final season of GoT premieres around the world, we ask ourselves the question: can GoT help in understanding crypto? Let’s find out…

***Don’t Panic! This Post Contains NO Season 8 Spoilers***


Bitcoin – House Stark

Bitcoin goes back a long way, like Ned Stark – remember him? Just like the former Warden of the North, Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, disappeared early on. Regardless of this, both the cryptocurrency and House Stark have gone on to dominate their respective narratives. Bitcoin is the biggest crypto by market capitalization and probably has the most legitimate claim to the crypto (Iron) throne.


Launched: January 2009

Ticker symbol: BTC or XBT

Max Supply: 21,000,000 BTC


Ethereum – Denaerys Targaryen

Like Dany, Ethereum believes in delivering smart contracts to the people and is hell-bent on removing the middleman chains of society. Both of them stand for empowerment and making lives easier.

The two also share an ability to build strong strategic alliances, also. Thanks to Danaerys, House Targaryen now has a lot of supporters and allies, so too does the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance – although they’re not known to charge on horseback or breathe fire.


Launched: July 2015

Ticker symbol: ETH

Max Supply: 105,666,169 ETH


Litecoin  – Jon ‘Snow’

Was born from the original Bitcoin blockchain via a software fork. Like Jon, Litecoin has fought its way from nothing, journeyed north of The Wall and survived the crypto-winter, establishing itself as a key player in the crypto space.

Litecoin also came back from the dead (sort of), after struggling in early 2017, by the end of the year it had risen to it’s all-time-high (ATH), seeing a growth of over 9000%. At this point, it’s impossible to tell if this had anything to do with The Red Woman or the Lord of Light, but we’ll be sure to let you know if and when we find out!


Launched: October 2011

Ticker symbol: LTC

Max Supply: 84,000,000 LTC


Bitcoin Cash – Cersei Lannister

BCH is a peer-to-peer electronic cash solution and a big time enemy of Bitcoin (and pretty much everyone, to be honest), and like Cersei it’s a bit selfish, always trying to establish itself as top dog. Cersei and Bitcoin Cash are both extremely ambitious, and they each fully deserve their place in the elite for their carefully devised strategies, alone.


Launched: August 2017

Ticker symbol: BCH

Max Supply: 21,000,000 BCH


XRP – Jamie Lannister

Like The Kingslayer, XRP is a formidable character, but not liked by everyone in the crypto world. XRP is the token designed to be used on RippleNet – a gross-settlement network, largely aimed at institutions, like banks and e-money services, to enable faster, cheaper, more reliable money transfers. It wasn’t designed to be a typical crypto and has no mining component…or right hand!


Launched: 2012

Ticker symbol: XRP

Max Supply: 99,991,658,131 XRP


COIN – Tyrion Lannister

CoinMetro’s exchange token, COIN (XCM), is used to power the CoinMetro exchange platform and all actions carried out in the growing ecosystem are paid in the token. Those who buy and hold XCM will increase their chances of being blessed by The Seven.

Tyrion and CoinMetro are clever, careful and strategic. The Hand of the Mother of Dragons and CoinMetro share the same belief in establishing a peaceful, transparent and fair society/crypto industry. CoinMetro is leading the way, brokering alliances (obtaining licenses) with regulators and educating leaders (governments) on the power and potential of blockchain and crypto.


Launched: 2018

Ticker symbol: XCM

Max Supply: 327,832,136 XCM


One Exchange to Rule Them All

Okay, that’s Lord of the Rings, not GoT, but we really don’t care!

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