Trading Digital Securities on CoinMetro


The innovative partnership between CoinMetro & Ignium has already accomplished so much with the breakthrough digital securities marketplace. Now, our collaboration is evolving into a new phase!

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What’s changing?

There’s a great synergy between our two companies and we unlock huge potential together. Therefore, we’re changing things up in order to enhance the other’s marketplace. Ignium will be providing a spot exchange for the various digital securities on the shared marketplace. While CoinMetro is pivoting to handle derivatives, CFD’s, & leverage trading. Where the simple 1-for-1 trades can be done on Ignium, the more complex securities investing is found on CoinMetro. For instance, CoinMetro users can margin trade with Encrypgen Bonds, Backify Equity, or any other digital securities listed on CoinMetro.  

This change to the secondary market allows our companies to support each other, without cannibalizing revenue streams and/or clients. The shared marketplace & order book means we will be pushing liquidity to the other’s marketplace. However, the way we work together on the primary market remains unchanged. More on that below.

What’s NOT changing?

The changes only affect the secondary market. The primary market for digital securities will continue to operate in the same way, so new & exciting investment opportunities will keep rolling in!

CoinMetro offers the frontend solution for primary sales, and the assets are issued at Ignium. This allows SME’s to sign up at Ignium and gain access to retail investors via CoinMetro’s digital securities marketplace

Ignium will also continue to use CoinMetro’s Legal Persons KYC solution. Our industry leading solution is also being rolled out for new business partners in the future as well.


As both companies continue to grow together, maintaining this mutually beneficial partnership is important to us. The future is bright… and filled with digital securities! Join the community of CoinMetroids on Telegram, or hit us up on social media if you have any questions.