Top 7 Articles From the CoinMetro Help Section


Did you know that the CoinMetro Help section has a great selection of articles containing answers to many of your questions? If not, visit our Help section, type in what you’d like to learn more about and get reading! You’ll find information about Margin Trading, Source of Wealth and many other things – try it out!

To help you get started, we’ve curated 7 handy articles that we recommend to check out.

Account Security and Protection

General tips and suggestions to make yourself and your CoinMetro account more secure. See how passwords, emails and even WiFi network can affect your crypto security and learn how to strengthen them.

To improve your CoinMetro account protection even further, check this blog article.

Our AML, CTF and KYT practices

What does it mean and how we keep everyone’s funds around the exchange away from unclear or unwanted risk exposures. Learn the terms under these abbreviations, how complying with them benefits you and what possible account flags occur.

Currently you can get 20 XCM for free by just completing your KYC checks and making at least one crypto-fiat trade. Learn more here!

Difference Between Utility Tokens and Security Tokens?

Tokens are different in their functions and this is the factor that determines the nature of the tokens that we use. Utility tokens and Security tokens – what are the differences between them? Find out from our Help section article and check our blog for more details.

What’s Special About the XCM token?

This article covers everything you need to know about XCM – the unique token that powers CoinMetro. 

Difference Between Margin and Exchange Trading

What are the main differences between trading on margin and on the regular exchange? Read the article from our Help section and get to know it! In addition, you can also check our blog post about Margin Trading and watch some tutorials in the Education section of our YouTube channel.

Risks of Margin Trading and How to Mitigate Them

It’s always good to understand possible risks when trading with margin and know how to mitigate them – this article you will help you to have it all sorted out.

Phishing, Malware and Other Scams

Security is extremely important in the crypto world. Read our ‘common-sense-guide’ on what you need to know in order to stay secure in the crypto space. Additionally, you can learn about other possible scams in our blog article – forewarned is forearmed!

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