Top 6 Most Read Articles On Our Blog


We did some digging and looked up which ones of our articles best caught your attention. The results are compelling – turns out your interest varies from blockchain to crypto gossip.

We lined up six of our most popular articles. Let’s start from the sixth place.


6. Top Five Young Crypto Millionaires

In April we wrote about people who have made a considerable fortune from crypto. We gave you an overview of the Top 5 crypto millionaires and shared some insights into how they made it this far. You seemed to like this, as the article placed sixth on our most-read list. 

Wondering who is ruling the young crypto millionaires list? Go check it out – the article is full of interesting facts!


5. Digital Currency VS Cryptocurrency: What’s The Difference

On place number 5 we find an educational article. We wrote an in-depth story about the differences between digital currencies and cryptocurrencies. The article covers the definitions of both currencies and lists the main contrasts between them.

Do you already know the difference? Verify your crypto knowledge from reading the article!


4. Interesting Cryptocurrency Facts Everyone Should Know

Do you know which country is the largest miner? Or what was the biggest ICO in the history? Do you know how many coins are in circulation? Can you name the countries that have banned crypto? Do you know when is the Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrated?

You can find the answers among with many other cryptocurrency facts from our article! It’s a good one!


3. Blockchain Explained In Plain English

The results show that you like Blockchain – especially when it’s presented in a straightforward manner. This article explains Blockchain in a way that is understandable to everyone. 

Wondering if you’ve got the definition of blockchain technology correct? Having trouble visualizing the whole thing? What’s the relation to crypto? All this and much more is covered in the article. In plain English, of course.


2. Why Is KYC Important

We are glad to see your interest towards KYC! As you all know by now, CoinMetro always makes sure everything is according to regulations. This article gives you an overview of the necessity of the KYC process and how it enhances the safety of using our platforms.

Do you already have the answer? Find out why we require KYC by reading the article!

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1. Crypto Predictions: When Will The Crypto Market Recover

We have a winner in the “Most Read Article” competition! It is easy to see why you liked this one so much – cryptocurrency price predictions are one of the most fascinating aspects in the industry. Our crypto predictions article got lots of clicks since many of you were curious about what to expect from the crypto future.

Interested in seeing whether the predictions for 2018 came true? Want to see what the price predictions for 2019 and beyond? Check out the article!

These were our most read articles. Which one is your personal favorite?

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