Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Referrals


CoinMetro’s Ambassador Programme is one of the best in the industry, if not the very best. Mic drop.

What makes it so special? Just for starters, our tiered system. As an Ambassador, you earn commission not only from your direct referrals, but also on their referrals and referrals of their referrals – this potentially means many more earnings for much less effort.

Another great thing about our epic Ambassador Programme is that all CoinMetro Ambassadors with active referrals enter our crazy monthly raffle… and you’re still wondering why our Programme is so popular, attracting more and more devoted Ambassadors willing to spread the word about CoinMetro?

Below, you’ll find some useful tips to help our brilliant Ambassadors and those of you thinking to join the CoinMetro Ambassador League, boost the amount of referrals, and earn a tidy commission.

Be active on social media and in forums

There’s no doubt social media channels are a great marketing tool. If you’re active on your social media profiles, your posts are engaging, and the audience is loyal, all you need to do is provide attractive content advertising CoinMetro’s services (what could be easier considering we have such a great range of products?), and remember to follow CoinMetro’s updates to be able to provide prompt information about promotions and new things coming.

Use our Ambassador Kit

We have prepared an amazing Ambassador Kit for you; it contains all the necessary details that you may need when sharing information with your audience: brand guidelines, color schemes and palettes, logos, fonts, social media banners, desktop wallpapers that can also be used for mobile, business cards, and even T-shirt designs that can be used by you and your referrals to create unique pieces of clothing, helping you spread the word. You can download our Ambassador Kit here.

Make your own CoinMetro business cards

An oldie but a goodie: business cards are still widely used, so why not print out your own Ambassador business cards with CoinMetro design and your referral ID on it? Don’t worry, the business card layouts can be also found in our Ambassador Kit.

If you don’t feel like having business cards, use good-old-fashioned word of mouth: tell your friends, family members, or colleagues about CoinMetro and be ready to answer their questions!

Create your own website

If you have any programming skills, the best you can do is create your own website promoting CoinMetro’s services. You can share the latest CoinMetro news and updates, our social media images, or the cool and famous Kevin memes. A blog would be a great addition to the website – you can produce tips for your referrals as well as share analytical articles and your own thoughts about the current market situation.

Be available and informed

Most importantly, to become a successful Ambassador, you need to be available for your referrals, communicate with them if they have questions, and stay informed about what’s going on at CoinMetro. How? The best way to have answers to all questions about CoinMetro is to follow us on social media and in Telegram, subscribe to our newsletter, join our weekly live Q&A sessions with our founder and CEO, Kevin… and read our blog, of course!

Good luck reffing!

The CoinMetro Team